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  • How Katie Pulled Boris. on Aug. 23, 2013

    How Katie Pulled Boris is a light, fun, anecdotal account of a couple's adventures acquiring and then driving a huge (by UK standards) American style motor home on a journey through Europe. The routes they take are easily followed if you want to track their journey. The pitfalls they face are fascinating if you want to try to do the same. But the way the whole tale is told is familiar, as if you were sitting at a friend's house, laughing at their exploits over a bottle, or two, of good wine. By the end of the book you'll feel like you know Keith and his wife, Gail - although you may find them more like the friends or relatives who provide the entertainment at dinner parties with their stories, in a good way, everyone will be amused. If you want deep and meaningful then look elsewhere. If you want light, fun and a bit of a giggle, then this one could be for you. It's entertaining, it's real and well worth a read.