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Tim-"Othy" Jones was born in Detroit, Michigan, raised a few miles north in the small town of Center Line and has been writing stories since he first learned to write. After graduating High School, Othy went on to pursue English studies at Wayne State University. Two years later, Othy transferred to Brooklyn College in New York City where he obtained a degree in Screenwriting.

Always interested in art, education, and storytelling, Othy felt that Screenwriting would help him to do all of the above. After graduating college, Othy turned his talents to writing novels. Having grown up in culturally rich environments, Othy aims to take the insights he's learned and share them with the world at large. His goal is to inspire the world to think differently and embrace diversity. He and his wife, Kate, live in the New York Metro area.

Smashwords Interview

Let's talk about the title of the novel, "The Irrelevant Tales". Where did that come from?
Well, similar to "The Canterbury Tales", I wanted one novel of various different points of view all tied together by one overarching story line. The word "irrelevant" has a couple of different meanings in the novel. Each chapter, each tale, seems irrelevant at first but they're not. They paint a picture for you, but you many not know that's what's happening. It's like you're watching each stroke of the paintbrush dabble paint onto a canvas and it isn't until you're vested in the novel that you begin to see the form of it take shape. It's no accident that my main narrator is an impressionist painter or that everyone else's tale is being presented or collected by him. Of course, the main character's name is Irel E. Vant, so the title is also a play on words. Then there's the idea that the title and his name are, in themselves, irrelevant. I very much like that.
In your novel, "The Irrelevant Tales", every chapter is told through first person narration, but you have various different narrators. Why did you go with that approach?
The form of "The Irrelevant Tales" changed a lot from the time I came up with the original idea. I wanted it to feel like a collection of stories, or "tales", like "The Canterbury Tales". To do that I felt like I needed various perspectives. I wanted to show how the main character, Dr. Vant, was seen through the eyes of different people. So you get a well rounded impression of who he is. It was also a chance to get really creative and challenge myself. Interestingly enough, the term "impressionism" from a literary perspective also deals with how a character perceives a situation. So I think my novel is quite fitting on number of levels.
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The Irrelevant Tales
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 137,040. Language: British English. Published: April 15, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
An historical fantasy set in 19th Century Europe centered around a starving young Irish would-be impressionist painter caught up in the mysterious plight of an eccentric British archaeologist on the hunt for an ancient treasure.

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