PC Brian Wilkinson


Please Take Care of Bethany

Author: PC Brian Wilkinson

Published by Brittunculi

Brian had been a serving police officer for his entire life until he retired in 2010 at the age of sixty. Brian, an amateur military enthusiast now tells the story of his father ‘Brian Bulls-eye Wilkinson’, and his personal quest for the truth. A father who he had never known. Romance, patriotism and espionage, a forgotten hero of the second world war, and a father who saved the world, ’Brian Bulls-eye Wilkinson,’ the best rear-gunner in the sky.

Police Constable Brian Wilkinson was born on Merseyside in 1945. Brian and his wife Doreen both grew up together as post-war children in Liverpool on the North-west of England where they married as childhood sweethearts in 1963. Sadly following Doreen’s prolonged illness and battle against cancer, Brian was widowed in 2004.

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