Patrick D'Orazio


Patrick D’Orazio resides in southwestern Ohio with his wife, Michele, two children, Alexandra and Zachary, and three spastic dogs. He has been writing since he was a teen-ager but only recently clued into the fact that unless he attempted to get published, no one else would really care.
Several of his short stories appear in various antholo-gies from Library of the Living Dead, including “The Moron’s Guide to the Inevitable Zombocalypse,” “The Zombist,” “Night of the Giving Dead,” “Zombidays,” and “Letters from the Dead.” He will also be appearing Pill Hill Press’ “Daily Bites of Flesh 2011.”
Comes The Dark, the first book of a trilogy, is Pat-rick’s first novel, and is being released in late summer, 2010 by the Library of the Living Dead.
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