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  • Finding Cash in Your Business on Aug. 06, 2011

    The attraction of this book is that it demystifies why many businesses struggle to make best use of the cash in their business. Or even know where to start looking to make best use of their cash. It covers many issues that many businesses don't even consider as they are starting up. I liked the way that Craig uses case studies from the communications industry to illustrate and enhance the points being made. I also think the summary of key learning points at the end of chapters and at the end of the book are really useful, and can act as prompts even if the reader hasn't the time to read all the book. The book is written in short bitesize chapters, which helps to get serious issues across in quick, understandable sections. Each chapter can be considered as a separate mini project for your business. Even though many businesses won't grow to the extent that the communications companies included have grown to, most of the general principles will hold true no matter how modest your business is. Diagrams and charts are used effectively to split up text and illustrate the issues well, with real data. Not everyone is a finance guru, but many of the messages in this book will be understandable to most, including those not familiar with the full range of accounting language. One minor point - there area few typing/ grammar/ plain English errors, but no doubt the next version will address these. This minor complaint should not detract from the wealth of useful material and advice the book contains.