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P.I. Barrington is a multi-published author of novels in the futuristic crime thriller, science fiction, horror, and fantasy genre'. She lives in Southern California in Los Angeles and has entertainment industry experience including radio air talent and music company and is an ex-journalist as well.

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What do your fans mean to you?
Everything! They are the reason I write. I try to entertain and engage them just like my favorite authors did for me! I love and encourage them to contact me directly if they like. I LOVE to answer their questions about writing and my books and stories. One thing about publishing today is the availability of access to authors; when I was a young and voracious reader there really wasn't any way to tell authors how I felt about their books other than sending in fan mail that was usually just put in the files or tossed out. These days you can contact an author all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google, LinkedIn.com. You can get their blogs online or buy from their websites if they have them. You can be their Facebook friend--it's limitless the access readers have nowadays.
What are you working on next?
Book Two of The Brede Chronicles. I love the characters and am happy to be continuing the story. I also have several WIPs (works-in-progress) that I'm trying to fit in time to work on; one is an actual historical western/mystery! A trip to Tombstone, AZ, a few years ago triggered that entire story! I have a prequel to a new sci-fi novel and half the novel written and I'm trying to finish a vampire crime thriller that I hope people will like.
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P.I. Barrington
Latest book: The Brede Chronicles Book One. Published June 25, 2014.