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P. L. McCall II or “PLMII”: Writer, Publisher. PLMII is most famous for his Steampunk novella entitled: Dr. Daedalus, The Devil’s Army. He is the creator of the “GOD GATES” intellectual property that contains the “Crimson Scarver” GRACE FLYNN, (The Most Dangerous Woman Alive). PLMII’s creations range from Vikings to Pirates and include many other fantasy archetypes. Along with his novels, PLMII publishes an ongoing Fantasy Anthology called simply “TYRI”.

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Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles
Price: Free! Words: 19,890. Language: English. Published: August 22, 2016 by SEARLAIT. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Grace Flynn, the Crimson Scarver... A prisoner of both England and France awaits her execution for a very long list of crimes. She is considered a danger to society and even the Holy See has proclaimed her an evil most foul. Her executioners proclaim her life of misdeeds and escapades has drawn to a close.

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  • Fallen Book1: Separation on Jan. 14, 2013

    The author's grasp of African mythology is exceptional and his mixing of it with a modern setting is quite a joy to watch unfold. The story embarks upon a dark journey of self-discovery and prepares us for what will be an ultimate showdown at the book's end. I was rather surprised by the twist at the end of the story and did not expect the outcome. There is a deep change to the protagonist and I found its direction to be a bold move on the author's part. "Fallen" as a book holds its own in a place where stories can often be overdone. Though the prose portrays itself sometimes as an edgy graphic novel, it does not distract the reader from the simple fact, that the author is very serious about giving you an engaging tale. There are some grammatical issues that arise in the manuscript but they do not distract from the story as a whole. I was satisfied by the read of this book, though I wished, that it was a bit longer and provided more opportunity for me to connect with not only the characters but the wonderful mythology and story created here. While the pacing did keep my attention, I sometimes felt, that a lot of exposition was being delivered quickly and if not for my love of mythology in general, I may have stumbled a bit through the tale. The only part of this book that rubbed me the wrong way was the author's choice of putting a mythological reference right in the book's beginning. After reading the book it almost seemed to be unnecessary, because the author does a fine job of explaining his mythos as the tale builds. I would recommend this book to lover's of mythology and those who wish to read a story with great thought put behind its creation. It is more than obvious that the author has a passion for his subject matter and the story he has created here. This story invokes such a strong presence and really makes you feel its grittiness and otherworldly elements that you can't help but want to see the next chapter in Alade's tale. A story I am hoping the author is hard at work on and completing very soon. This is one great indie book that deserves a look by fantasy fans that are looking for a story with a different flair and a mythology that has not be redone, over and over again.