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  • Free To Play on July 08, 2018

    This novel is not just about super horny, juicy fucking, and vivid sex scenes that make me want to keep reading until the next scene, and the next. This novel really impresses because of a well thought over story line, that makes the scenes even more lively and real. Underneath it all is yet another layer: the development of the main character and her personal observations of a new tantric world around her. A world I understand much better now, a world I myself would like to discover further. Can’t wait for more writings of Charlene Black!
  • Free To Love on Aug. 31, 2019

    Whoa! I got this book at the beginning of the holiday, and could not put it away. Read it several times. Wanted to discover the multi layered story / scenes about sex (yes... this IS a super horny book). Super juicy reading + great insights how to seduce, how to have fun, to f*ck! Love the way the main characters evolve in the story. So many inspiring arousing scenes - DO try at home (or wherever you find yourself). This book stands out from the other books in this field. Love it. I want to read more!!
  • She Wants To Misbehave: 5 Explicit Erotic Quickies Bundle on Aug. 31, 2019

    Erotic Quickies... Charlene Black has an excellent way of writing short stories to get you in the mood. Started with this bundle as night time reading. Reading it aloud made my partner and me even more horny. There is always time to read one 'quicky', and then have one (ore two, or more). Inspiring!