Smashwords book reviews by Paffy

  • Uncle on Jan. 25, 2024

    Hot, debauched, and also cute. These two were amazing together. The glory hole?! The cum play?! The neediness and horniness of both. I'd love to see some conflict with Ben's mom but it would be probably a very story then. Still, 5/5 for the kinky sex and the way Ben craves it.
  • Playing Defense on Jan. 25, 2024

    What a filthy little bro(?)cest bully romance. This was everything I wanted and more. There is some angst, some jealousy, some tenderness and lots of filthy stuff they do together. Clay is such an asshole but I still loved him as a bully. Malcolm is a sweetheart but so soft for his brother. Cannot wait for the next book.
  • Playing Offense on Jan. 28, 2024

    What an amazing continuation of our boys. There is smut, there is hate, but also so much love and feelings. It is complicated between the two and the story now ends on a bit of an angstier side. But I know that Clay will do whatever to get his man!
  • Embracing the Dark Side on Jan. 28, 2024

    So cute but so filthy. A quick smutty read. 💦💦💦
  • A Kinky Priest Bundle #1 on Jan. 28, 2024

    For me these stories were a bit imbalanced in the kinks. I absolutely loved Choked in the Chapel - the dirty talk, the choking, the praise, the filthiness, wow. The rest? Were great but I wished they were kinkier.
  • For nEver Mine: Mate Mistake #1 on Feb. 22, 2024

    What a lovely brocest shifter story. Spicy, with tension, but all the feels. There is not that much angst (mostly outside the relationship angst is present). And I adored the two brothers and how they dealt with their connection. The must was smoky hot and I was anticipating every scene and just loved it to bits. The dirty talk, the filthiness, the places. Yum. I adored the side characters - they are mainly in the concluding chapters but I just want a story of each couple lol.
  • R.O.M.E.O. on Feb. 24, 2024

    3.5* As an erotica this was fine. The smut scenes were hot and kinky. And if you want mainly sex in space, this is the book for you. The scenes are hot, there is voyeurism (non-con) and overall the book is borderline non-con/dub-con (as one of the MCs does not know the real identity of their partner). But I did not really mind this aspect. It was hot and it delivered. If you are looking for romance? I do not think this is it. The narration vastly focuses on Lucas and his fantasies and that is it. There is a part where the AI is the focus and I am quite surprised how most of the romance is connected to the AI and not the human. The ending was not for me as I was waiting for the feelings to hit and it does not happen.
  • Black Out Birthday Boy on Feb. 24, 2024

    Cute, kinky, sexy, with feels.
  • Big Brother Knows Best on Feb. 25, 2024

    Filthy and with so many feels. Despite this being short, the relationship and their dynamic was absolutely amazing to experience. My favourite from the author so far.
  • Logjammin' – a Taboo MMMMMMMM Fantasy on March 14, 2024

    Wow. This was so so hot. Wow. 💦💦💦 Definitely what I expected.
  • Pay To Play on March 24, 2024

    What a yummy novella. Though I wanted more between the two. So the build up is quite slow and natural and kinky. I liked the whole camboy set up. And I wished there was more between the two consensually. It is still a wonderful book but I wished for the last chapter to be longer.
  • Anger Management Issues on April 05, 2024

    Dacryphilia is my favourite kink and here it absolutely delivered. Filthy but also cute, possessive, obsessive, and rough. 💦😌
  • Théoden on April 16, 2024

    This was delicious. Maybe deliciously wrong at times but I loved every second of it. Loved Theoden's relationship with Ara and the dragon Tylendel. It was delicious though with only little romance. And I mean just crumbs. Yet I loved it still. The book covers quite a lot and the spice is spaced out well. There is a lot of it but nothing boring about it. And the mythology and the way it is tightly connected to sexual energy was well written. Some chapters with vengeance were so so satisfying. And I could not help but root for Theoden, even though I knew what he was doing was morally wrong. Cannot wait for more from the author as this was my first novel from them.
  • Breeding Logan – a Taboo MMM Incest Fantasy on May 14, 2024

    I'll rot in hell I guess. Loved these three together, with a sprinkle of feelings here and there. But don't expect too much. This is just a 🩸t@b00 'cesty goodness with lots of filth.
  • Reward For Time Served on May 21, 2024

    So So hot. I'm all in for a(n almost) D/s unclecest story. The insta-love took me by surprise but I think it actually worked. There is some little doubt from Ethan's side, so there is the payback to the ending. The dirty talk was delicious and done just right. Though it's a shame that there's no backstory to Bane that would be explored. And it easily could've been included.