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Lori Rekowski is a published Author, a professional Speaker, an Advocate for many nonprofit organizations and causes, and is a loving Mother and Grandmother. She has been a successful business entrepreneur and consultant for more than 25 years. She takes great pride in celebrating her healing process with others. In fact, she considers it her life purpose and passion.

A creative and analytical approach to her healing path during the past twenty years included research and participation in the holistic healing field. After years of seeking help from the traditional psychological health field, Lori was unsuccessful at maintaining long-term emotional stability. She knew (had faith) that there had to be a more effective way to emotional and spiritual stability. Lori found that the most effective assistance, allowing her own healing to accelerate, was the research and application of ancient healing modalities that are resurfacing in our society today, integrated with traditional medicine.

Lori studied hundreds of books, experienced private healing sessions, and attended various seminars and classes throughout the United States, internationally, and on the Internet. She focused attention on her own unique inner connection to God and used the spiritual self-help field to heal successfully. This approach, and use of these tools, accelerated her healing process at an amazing pace. She looks forward to teaching these tools to other survivors, assisting them in stepping into a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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