Paige Brooks


Love to read pulp fiction, erotica and anything unique, different or quirky in some way. :)

Smashwords book reviews by Paige Brooks

  • Nearly Nine Terrific Tips for Writing Humor on Oct. 14, 2012

    A friend of mine told me about this author and had already read and reviewed Kristine's 'Skipping the Tira Misu' so it was with some interest that I read and have to say greatly enjoyed this piece. Kristine takes her own advice and speaks truthfully and from the heart offering blunt and humorous tips on the subject of writing humor / comedy. A fantastic little read from a gifted author.
  • Male Escort - A Treat for a Friend on April 30, 2014

    A great story from an original perspective for a change. Good work Rory, keep it up :)
  • Alien Optimism, a Little Bigotry and Wonder on May 17, 2017