Smashwords book reviews by Paigery

  • Brothers of Reckoning on Dec. 15, 2023

    Well here I am, finally reviewing Brothers of Reckoning. First, go read the content warnings before you read it. They are there for a reason. This is some sorely taboo shiz and you need to know that ahead of time. I have never in my life given a book five stars when I was this mad about the ending. But listen. Did it end the way I wanted it to? No. Was it amazing? YES. Usually if I dislike the end result it means I dislike it. But no. These characters explode off the page. They are real and vibrant and you will feel all the things. Sorrow, thrill, despair, love, and family. You get lots of Mock signature style with characters that are somehow even more vivid than anything she’s done before. And I’m a BIG fan so that’s really saying something. So read it. I must insist. And bravo, Miss Mock. You did it!