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Paper Publishing attempts and breaks the limits of the traditional publishing industry. Τhe original thought was to promote Greek writers abroad. And what better way than following the steps of technology. Books are turning to E-Books and what else to expect from a publishing house than to transform into an e-publishing house, and give something more to the international market?
Our aim is to set up a network of writers, translators, publishers, traders and everyone who is involved into transforming an idea into books, movies, theater plays. Our purpose is to serve literature and promote it in every corner that internet can reach. Finally, our dream is to discover all the talent that may be in our readers, in our colleagues and in our people.
The idea began on a stormy night. Nope, just kidding. The idea began a fully sunny day the moment we realized that great literature, great modern Greek literature, does not get the chance to go abroad and evolve as it should. Sure we all know Homer, Kavafis or Kazantzakis but maybe if we could translate the current face of Greek literature into a language that is most used globally due to the miracle of the internet. So we hope you can lay back and enjoy a side of literature that probably you have not seen coming.

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