Leroy Smith


Leroy Smith is an award-winning fiction writer with a style compared to Norman Mailer and Raymond Chandler. A professional story-teller, journalist and technical writer, he has written for several newspapers, magazines, and international corporations like Swatch, Creamware, and VEXTEC. He won the University of Tennessee Award for Excellence in Fiction for his series of short narratives, "How I Killed Myself and What I Did Next." He is a successful veteran of the US National Poetry Slam and toured the Southeastern U.S. poetry slam circuit.
He has written 20 books of poetry. Several art magazines and websites have published his open verse and lyrics. He has written over one thousand three act story-songs in all genres. His song "Walk Like That" is on Marty Stuart's Live at the Ryman CD which was nominated for a Grammy. His band, The Jonny 3, was softening up the mid-section of the USA during the punk rock invasion of 1977.
Leroy is an unpredictable idea machine. He recently completed a blue billion screenplays with new ideas germinating daily. He is a permanent student of the living art.
"Beautiful, moving, honest. A personal mythology that resonates beyond the personal. The writer goes anywhere. Leroy's dedication to the craft is contagious. Really fine work. No shit."
Dr. Marilyn Kallet Director Creative Writing Program
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1994

"It is this sense of menace, this uneasy balance of fun and danger, that lifts Leroy out of the ordinary. He's my pick for emcee on Drown Night in hell."
Duane Davis/Westword, Denver, CO 1982

"The difference between Leroy Smith and Norman Mailer is that Leroy knows who Norman Mailer is."
Dr. George Welch/ Miami Dade Community College

Very funny. Clever. Excellent work. Terrific gags.
Gene Perret 2010 (Bob Hope's joke writer)


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