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Passage To Productions is a small, video documentary company based in Florida. Our primary focus is on travel based documentaries. Our videos are different than other travel video series, as instead of focusing on restaruants, bars and hotels, we instead create tours of various cities, preferring to focus on the actual sites, their histories and the sometimes quirky back-stories. Our eBooks are guidebooks taken directly from each series. These include detailed information on each site, directions in both the form of maps and written directions for each tour.

The six tours that comprise "Day Tours of Rome - allow travelers or those interested in the history of Rome to visit over 60 sites throughout the eternal city. Each of these walking ours is designed to take the reader on a 4-6 hour tour. We show you how to save both time and money and to make the most of your vacation. Combined with our highly successful video series and free MP3 audio guide, our products have received almost universal praise for both content and visual dynamics.

Our videos have been successful in many areas and are sold the world over. Our stock footage, featuring some of the most unique shots made, have been parts of major television shows broadcast on networks around the world. and were part of a Korean documentary nominated for an Asian Emmy.

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