Patrick O'Connor is retired Dean of the Electronics and Computer Technology Program at DeVry University in Chicago, and the author of three science fiction novels and three textbooks listed on Amazon.

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  • Doodling on April 28, 2011

    Doodling, by Jonathan Gould, is science fiction, perhaps, if that literary form contains a sub-genre wherein Ray Bradbury collaborated with John Lennon and they found a happy compromise somewhere over on John's side of the playground. It's not illustrated, but in the right hands, I think it would make a dandy graphic novel. Like the voyages of Gulliver, Gould's protagonist Neville Lansdowne has adventures that could be read by children as an entertaining and enjoyable odyssey, and in which adult readers will see a metaphorical look at the difficulties of life in the fast lane. At the start of the story, Neville opts out of the rat race in the only way possible. He falls off the world. Finding refuge in the asteroid belt, but deciding the solitary life is not for him, Neville's first encounter with other people leads to the (inevitable?) question, "I don't suppose you brought a toaster?" Are all of the expatriates who have fallen off the world madmen? It appears so. When Neville finds one who's not, in the end, he decides it's his job to rescue the asteroid belt, and the world, too, in the bargain. Ideal for readers of any age from primary school to drooling senility, it's a fun read that I enjoyed, and which I can picture my 8-year-old grandson enjoying just as well.