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Elicit Dreams Publishing presents:

1) Pat McCraw
Born 1955 she wrote short-stories all of her life.
After the death of her husband in 2010, she started her big Duocarn story, which consists of seven issues so far. Her extra-terrestrial Duocarn’s experience exciting, erotic and homoerotic adventures.

German edition only, up to now:

Duocarns – The Arrival
Duocarns – Snares of love
Duocarns – The Three Kings
Duocarns – Adam, The Egyptian
Duocarns – Love Has Claws
Duocarns – Eternal Love
Duocarns – Alien War Planet

More information at http://www.duocarns.com


2) MissMary
Born 1988, she is working as fetish-model for several companies in Germany. Her first book "Intriguing Erotic Stories" has been translated and published in April 13.

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