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Patrice Fitzgerald is a brand-new author who has been writing forever. Her background includes a law degree and 15 years practicing intellectual property law, a decade working as a freelance writer for magazines both in print and online, and a side career as a professional mezzo-soprano performing everything from opera to jazz.

As founder and CEO of eFitzgerald, an electronic publisher, Patrice is interested in helping other writers get quality work out to the public efficiently and cost-effectively, while making sure the authors get their fair share.

In addition to her own political thriller, the 95,000 word "Running," Patrice is currently working on the first installment of the Salt & Pepper series, featuring a redheaded lawyer who sings and solves mysteries along with her psychic sidekick.

Patrice is the mother of two fairly adult daughters and the stepmother of two sons. She lives in Connecticut on the water with her husband and one very sweet, lumpy old dog.

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