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Patrick Wendling-Markwell has been writing since he was a child and has written many newspaper and magazine articles as well as poetry and short stories. It was only recently though that he decided to write books full time, leaving behind a career in EMS. As an author he has decided to try his hand in many genres from fantasy, thrillers, horror, mysteries, M/M erotica and more. He has won many awards over the years for his articles and you can even find several of his poems at the International Library of Congress where he won the Editor's Choice Award three years in a row.

He has a love for books of all types and was even diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a Bibliophile and Bibliophage. On any given day Patrick can be found reading, even while doing other things at the same time. His flair for words has continually allowed people from around the world to access the vivid imaginings of his own mind which he enjoys putting down on paper for all to see and helps them access a world of fantasy and crazed imagination never before accessed.

He is also lucky enough to be married to a wonderful man that wants him to write full time, concentrating fully on it so he can fulfill his dream.

Currently Patrick is continuing to read and write daily and is happily legally married to his husband Rondal D. Markwell. They share their lives with two fat and lazy beagles, Archie and Nero. (Archie has since passed away on March 9, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.) He is also the Co-Owner and one of the founders of Lazy Beagle Entertainment.

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