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  • The Sixth Power on Feb. 20, 2013

    Her first act of healing occurred when she was very young. The butterfly had a broken wing, and she knew that it needed a special touch from her, and so in her tiny hands, the little girl cupped the butterfly and healed it. Immediately her mother swung on her, angry, afraid, cautioning her to never use her gift again. But she does not answer the single most important question: why? How can doing something that is so right be something that terrifies her mother? That first story about Tania is a flashback. By the time the story opens, Tania’s older brother is dead and her mother no longer in the picture. What has happened? Does her brother’s death have anything to do with her unusual gift of healing? It would not seem possible, but this is one of the many questions that weave through the story of Tania and her. Each page brings us closer and closer to the answers Tania seeks, and even closer to the ones who would twist her gift into something too horrible to imagine. When we first meet her, she is protected by her community in a run-down part of the city which might seem like the least safest place to be. But a series of events take Tania to another place where secrets such as hers are not considered terrifying, but are considered gifts of power. As the story continues, she finds others with a wide variety of powers, her gift of healing being one of the rarest. But her brother’s, the Sixth Power, is the most rare of all. This book is an excellent read that kept me turning pages well into the night. It deserves five stars.
  • A World of Joy on Jan. 02, 2014

    A World of Joy by ASMSG (Authors’ Support Media Social Group) Authors A Holiday Anthology This is a collection of stories by a collection of authors. These authors wrote personal reflections, fantasy stories, stories with twist endings, stories originating from love and tragedy, and from hope. They will delight your soul. Meet Jack Frost, who finds his love at last. Meet Bill and Sadie, who are expecting their first child. Meet those who would have no Christmas at all, but for a strange twist of fate. Meet a snow woman who receives her heart’s desire. These stories will delight you. They will give you a laugh, make you cry, inspire you, please you. Even if it’s not Christmas, or any other holiday, there are places in all our hearts for this bit of cheer, brought to you by the Author’s Support Media Social Group, a very talented collection of writers, each one with something important to say. Read and be blessed.