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Patty Ann is the creator of Patty Ann's Pet Project which is a 501(c)(3) for animal welfare. Please visit for details on the Pet Project and about Patty Ann's Passions.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first get inspired to write?
My sixth grade teacher, a nun with bright red hair, was the first person who instilled in me a love for creating word structures to paint a narrative picture. From there I have written a variety of genres: educational, instructional, technical, nonfiction, and most recently, fiction.
What movitvated you to become an indie author?
This is a no contest question for this indie author. For one, it's the ability to forge my own corner. Years ago I wrote a group of life skills books and posted them on my own website. The site sold my books as online courses to schools. I was way before my time on this. The online books initially took off, but then 9-11 happened, and poof! school funding evaporated. It gutted my new industry in the making. I put the books away, waiting for a day when this type of platform gave birth permanently.

Over the years a few publishers got wind of my work and aimed to represent me, but promises faded. Some inquiry letters were sent out, but that was futile too. So I waited. The last few years with sites like Smashwords has opened up a huge market for those of us seeking our spot to be seen. It is a lot of work and dedication, but I love to write. The competition is fierce, yet readers make it an equal playing ground. The big plus is when your products sell, more of the proceeds go into your own pocket. What's not to like?
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