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Paul Densmore has often described himself as a health conscious Bukowski, a straight Oscar Wilde and slightly less of a curmudgeon than Harlan Ellison. And as these are the only terms which he uses to describe himself, anything else is merely speculation. However, it is generally held that he graduated with a BFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Some have even claimed that he lived several years in South Korea and China, teaching English and dodging adulthood. There are rumors, flying around, that he now lives in Louisiana with his wife, Yuan and their daughter, Toni Li. These wild guesses should be taken with a grain of salt, but the first three descriptions should be taken as gospel truth.

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  • Muscle Memory on Dec. 13, 2012

    This is a wonderful book that I've been recommending like crazy, since I found it. Mr. Hope, the author, continues in the grand pursuit of Physical Culture - which was much more than just 'bodybuilding'. Comparable to the likes of: Eugene Sandow, the Great Maxick, Charles Atlas, John E Peterson, and influential neuro-pioneers such as Emile Coue, Richard Bandler, Napoleon Hill and too many others to list...Please, do yourself a favor: download this book, read it through and most importantly - do the exercises. Easy enough for anyone and they will continue to adjust to your strength level (which applies to much more than just physical strength). If you're into physical culture, calisthenics, dynamic tension, auto suggestion, NLP, martial arts or any divergent disciplines - or, if you just want to be more confident, happy, successful and want to get into shape at the same time - this is the book for you! - Paul Densmore (author of 'The Cinderella of Chimes')