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  • Death-Defying Nina on Aug. 12, 2012
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    I don't think a woman has been so praised since Lolita!! Death-Defying Nina combines the poetic wit and grit of Nabokov with the reflective story telling of Alice Munroe. A trio of sisters as a literary subject can be a stultifying and taxing read (witness Chekhov, King Lear, House of Bernardo Alba etc.) but this book breaks new ground. Imagine Cordelia retelling the story of her sisters and her father. In Death-Defying Nina, Lily Salter has given us an honest account of the dysfunction that plagues and blesses all of us. She is a natural-born story-teller who warms her reader to a situation in which none of us would ever want to find ourselves. If however, we find ourselves in the same situation as the narrator (and the book makes no bones about it - everyone will eventually be there)the author has brought forward those moments and those aspects of character that will help us through it: the stolen laughter over the phone with friend; the needy willingness to accept a hug from a co-worker in the middle of a busy shift; the need to be there for the dying and the need to run away. I downloaded this book Friday morning and thought I'd read it Friday night. I have spent the weekend with it! The washing-up, the laundry, the hoovering and other weekend excitements have all been put aside as I have spent the last two days reading and re-reading. I may spend next weekend with it too. Canada has a new maple leaf to shout about!! Well done Lily!! I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from you!