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Well, that's the end of another hectic year! I hope that it was a good one for you, and that 2013 brings you all the finer things in life.

For me last year was when I wrote and published my first Jake Collins novel, it went really well and JC has picked up quite a serious following. Because of this I have already written about half of the sequel, provisionally titled 'Dangerous Games'. I'm going to send it and 'Tears' to be fettled by my editor, and then I'll release both of them together, so you can access a shiny new original tale and its rip-snorting sequel.

I have finally finished my fantasy thriller trilogy. I released the early editions as single books under the 'Parallel' title, just to see how the tale was received. I had such great feedback that I gave the whole thing a re-write, had my lovely editor - Paula Thomas - cast her all-seeing eye over the whole tale, and then placed the entire story within the covers of one, giant, book. (720 pages.)

HUNTERS is now available in paperback from Amazon and many other on-line outlets. Its eBook edition is available from Smashwords and a plethora of other, eBook retailers. Grab a copy, it's a bargain"

HUNTERS is an epic, contemporary, fantasy thriller. I promise that it will most probably be like no other tale you have ever read. It took me 5 years to complete and I made many mistakes along the way, but it's completed now and I'm very happy with it - I hope you take the opportunity to give it a read!

Also in the melting pot for the new year is the completion of another tale - my first 'zombie thriller' novel. Well...that's the original plan, but I know that once I start hitting the keypad seriously, the story will take over and what I first imagined the tale to be like, will bear no resemblance to the finished item - that's why I love writing, it's such and adventure!

Watch this space for the story, possibly titled 'Urcal Killers'...

I have a website where you can read more about me and my books.

The address is:

You can follow me on Twitter: @riceauthor

Please, if you've read any of my books then can I ask that you leave a review on the site where you purchased it from. It only takes five minutes and does make a huge difference in assisting other potential readers. Thanks!

Have an awesome New Year!


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