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  • The Lay of Gilthol and Kirðral on Jan. 24, 2012
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    Title: Lay of Gilthol & Kirõral Author: Kevis Hendrickson Genre: Fantasy Poems Published: December 28, 2011 Fantasy Poetry that will start you thinking about your own true love. The poems are long and well thought out. You can tell that the author cares for his characters which he describes in better detail in his stories. I would suggest that you read the short stories and novels before you read these poems. Of all the great poems included here, my favorite would be ‘In the Halls of Kirlomoenen’. These poems reminded me of the forbidden love of, William Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet. I only rated it 3 stars on Good Reads because I believe that in time Kevis Hendrickson will be to fantasy what Edgar Allen Poe is to horror. I recommend this book to all diehard fantasy lovers as I truly believe they will be the ones that will understand it best.
  • Pryde's Choice on Jan. 26, 2012
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    Pryde's Choice is a Fantasy short story by Kevis Hendrickson. The story takes place after the book of Poems, published December 28, 2011 Subsequently after learning of a horrible crime against his family by the Gaiad, eternal guardians of the woods, a remorseful knight is forced to confront his demons. After taking revenge on the Gaiad the truth is told and the knight must find a way to restore his honor. My favorite Part would be ‘when the Knight found out the truth and worked to right his mistake. The writer will have you routing for the knight by the end of the book. A sad story and well worth the time it took to read. Kevis Hendrickson is surprising me with his talent and his imagination. Reading and reviewing his work is a joy I look forward to each new story. I recommend this book for anyone with a good imagination, young and the old alike. Kevis Hendrickson is one of two self published authors I have read this year. This story was great and I think he can get two full Novels from it. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars.