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Smashwords book reviews by Connie Gruning

  • Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree on Sep. 26, 2012

    One of my favorite times of day is reading books to Alice. We read everything from simple one line per page books to full stories with several chapters. I love that Alice doesn't need pictures to hear a story. When I was offered "Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree" to read and review I didn't hesitate to say OF COURSE!!! With a title like that how could I resist??!?!? (Alice doesn't know that I mange to say the name differently every time!!!) Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree is a cute book, with an important message we have to care for our forests. Mr. Hookumbacker is 215 pages of magical adventure that takes place in the Forest of the Cracking Stone. The forest is filled with a bubble tums (they care for the forest), honey tickles, sapling shines. (Aren't these names great??) Cherry Petals lives in the Wiggle Twig Village but must travel far away to find a Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree to save her friend. This is a fun book to read out loud. The names are fun, the story is fun and the message is important. There is so much adventure in this book kids of all ages will thoroughly enjoy it. The descriptions are vivid and story flows well. The kids will look forward to story time just to see what happens next. Alright, and to hear NaNa get tongue tide again!! I'm tellin' ya' I love the names and the places in this book!! From, Grisslebark an old tree, to Holly Shallina, Cherry Petal's friend.
  • Souls of Darkness on Dec. 17, 2012

    I love a good scary book. Souls of Darkness is even better than a book..... because it's several books!! 15 stories to be exact. I was hooked from the very first story (I cheered at the end of the first story!! HA!!! MAN was that a great ending!! Ahhh ya get no spoilers from me!!) With Souls of Darkness you get get stories by 3 great sci-fi writers that write about the 'darkness within us'. The art work in the beginning of each story gives you a hint of what the story will consist of. This is the perfect book for those getting an eReader for Christmas. Really.... doesn't it seem that we get the most horror movies around Christmas? I have to wonder if there is a reason for that. Anyone?? So, why not add horror books to the list? The Souls of Darkness is a fast read each story is short. The stories are not overly scary, as a matter of fact most are fine for the teen in your life. Some stories are just human nature good and bad decisions. Over all, interesting stories. Especially if you want some quick stories to read. I highly recommend this book!