Peggy A. Edelheit


After years of mentally ignoring certain voices and their personal stories in her head that were interfering with her daily life, Peggy finally let them have their say, especially after her future protagonist, Samantha, finally gave her an ultimatum of either putting it all down on paper, or it could get ugly. Recognizing the alternative might not be pretty; Peggy finally gave in and has been fortunate enough to do so ever since. Now and then when they are all sitting around Peggy’s imaginary mental table arguing with her and vying for her attention to air their grievances, Peggy still finds herself putting her foot down. After all, who’s the author here, right? Peggy’s main goal is to entertain her readers and hopefully distract them for a few hours getting lost in the pages of her imaginary world of her amateur sleuth, Samantha Jamison. Peggy has three sons, lives with her husband and miniature Schnauzer, and spends time between Buck’s County, PA and South Florida.

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