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Penelope Reece, Penn for short (b. 1984), is an author living in Central Indiana with her husband of two years and her tiny pomeranian Kodi.

Penelope's been writing ever since her nerdy highschool days where her joys were limited to marching band and day dreaming.

Her other joys include reading, crocheting, snuggling her little Kodi-man, and watching comedic TV shows such as Parks and the IT Crowd. She also enjoys watching Korean dramas, listening to her husband sing. As well as being hyper and annoying her husband as much as she can.

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  • Broken Things: A Dystopian Thriller on Aug. 10, 2013

    **I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review** The Plot Android child becomes damaged and abandoned by his parents. More than anything he just wants to go back home to them. The Characters Josh - the main character and android child. He was a believable character, sweet, moral, and likable. I felt sympathy for him and found myself rooting for him through the entire book. There were times where he reminded me of an abused puppy having unconditional love for the owners who cast him out and I wanted him to see reason, and knowing that he would not, it tore at my heart. Lance - I absolutely hated this guy! The rest of society seemed to share his views about the "children;" however, he goes too far in his idea that these androids are only toys and therefore likes to break them. He was just sick! *Spoiler* - I am so glad he gets what he deserves at the end! I also liked how we began with Lance and ended with Lance. The whole karma thing and how everything seemed to come full circle. Angel - adult android. Her name says it all. The monster - I won't give it away :) The Good Bits The story was unique and kept me interested the entire way through. In fact I read it all in one day. Our electricity had gone out because of a thunder storm, so I thought it was a good time to jump into the book. I'd only wanted to read a few chapters then get back to working on my own novel whenever the power came back on. However, I just kept reading, even with our electricity back on, I just kept going. I couldn't stop. It was a fairly easy read. I'm not much of a fan of Sci-Fi, but the topic wasn't too out there for me and it was easy to follow along with all the computer lingo. Now I would have liked to learn more about this "cure" that made everyone remain young as well as why people could no longer have children. And the humans in this book - except for Cody at times - were absolutely horrible. I could not sympathize with any of them. Everyone of them made me so angry and I would have liked to have seen at least one human treat the children as if they were something other than a toy. *Aside: The monster's actions confused me at times where I thought he did somethings just to help move the plot. I would have loved to have learned a little more about him. Recommendable? Definitely!