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  • Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) on March 14, 2013

    3.5 stars I got Aversion from a giveaway :) I think overall, the plot is sensible and entertaining, and the idea of people with special mind powers to Avert is quite cool. The plot is simple, and develops properly, with new things about Averter powers sprinkled along the way. I would have appreciated it if there were more surprising twists though. I can't say that the plot is predictable, since like the main character, Gemma, I know very little about the Averters, but the events that occurred don't have much impact on me. There are very few characters in this book (not a bad thing) - Gemma, Gemma's father, Russ, Henry, Alice and other supporting characters. The three main ones are Russ, Gemma and her father, but somehow, I don't feel that they are very developed. Even though the book is narrated from Gemma's point of view, I don't really feel like I know her, but Gemma does reveal her thoughts and emotions. Likewise, although we start to learn about Gemma's father's past, it doesnt make me feel anything.I think the characters just fell a little flat for me. Usually, I look forward to villains in the book, but unfortunately, the villains only come in near the end, and they are even flatter than Gemma. I think the author did well in establishing the Averter stuff, by withholding information, and revealing them at the right time. The ideas of Sentient Twins and the Orb stuff are great! The next book in the series is called Sentient. Personally, I think the plot of the Mentalist series make them worth reading, but it's just the characterization which bugs me. It will probably get better in the next book though :)(less)