Smashwords book reviews by Penquester

  • Finding Daddy: An Age Gap Anthology on May 23, 2024

    Amazing what a difference one word can make I’ve read and enjoyed several of Rose Richard’s age gap stories from Amazon. I find the idea of young women being pleasured by much older, more experienced men and calling them “Daddy” to be hot. But the stories in this collection add the word “real” to the mix. As in “the silver fox that just railed me to heaven and back is my real dad.” And that takes the story from just spicy to raw, taboo, and hot AF. Finding Daddy contains the Loving Daddy and Adoring Daddy series. Loving Daddy focuses on Rose (Amber) losing her V-card to her absent father and then going on to explore all the pleasures he can teach her. There’s angst on the part of both dad and daughter, but what can you do when it’s just so good? Adoring Daddy takes us through Rose’s summer alone with Daddy. Here she experiences the pleasures of freeuse and being Daddy’s little. Age gap at its scorching best. Rose Richards has delivered a well-written, taboo, hot AF series here that any fan of extra-spicy age gap erotica should enjoy.
  • Tamed by Daddy: An Age Gap Novella on May 24, 2024

    College is out and Rose is spending the summer living with her dad as his little. As much as she enjoys being carefree and freely used by her Daddy, Rose discovers she also likes being in charge sometimes. Together they explore shifting power dynamics in their play. Richards keeps the heat turned up to eleven as Rose/Amber continues to explore and learn under the guiding hand of her IRL Daddy. Whether she’s s being a submissive little or a dominant top, Rose and Daddy never lose their connection. Another satisfying tale from the lust-filled imagination of Rose Richards. Highly recommended.