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Perry grew up telling stories. Okay, they weren't the kind he was supposed to tell, but hey, they were stories. Eventually, he began telling stories of a different kind as a pastor--true stories (unless of course, they did damage to the reputation of the person(s) involved, and then he would change their name, just use initials). For all those years, he always wanted to write. He remembers reading Huck Finn as a kid and wondered what it would be like to write a book. Now that he's all grown up, he wrote one. No, that would be two. And he's working on his third novel.

Back to his boring past. Perry was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and spent his early years living in and around Jackson with his two younger sisters. When he was just a young boy, his dad entered the ministry as a pastor, and well, his family left Jackson living in small towns and communities in Mississippi.

In his late twenties, Perry joined the Mississippi Air National Guard (he always liked the military too) where he served our country working as an Aircraft Loadmaster on the C-141 Starlifter. During his military service, Perry participated in Hurricane Hugo Relief, flying supplies to the Virgin Islands, receiving the Air Force Achievement Medal. He also served in Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama in December 1989. Perry's military service ended after serving in The Persian Gulf War, also called Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

The very best thing Perry said he received from his service in the military was (no, not a medal) his wife, Kathie, while on a trip to England. She was on temporary assignment with the Ohio National Guard. Perry? He was part of the aircrew flying her unit back to Ohio. The two met on the airplane shortly after take-off and talked for hours. Yes, hours. And that conversation has been going on for over 24 years.

After they got married Perry felt the call to ministry, and so, he went back to college, attending Mississippi College where he studied Christian Philosophy and Bible. After graduation, the family, Perry, Kathie, and out two boys, moved to Fort Worth, Texas where he attended Southwestern Baptist theological Seminary.

For twenty years, Perry served as a Pastor in small towns in Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, and Iowa. And it was in Iowa where he began working on his first book, Twisted Wolf. He and Kathie have since moved back to Mississippi where they still reside, and Perry writes, working on his next suspense thriller.

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