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  • The best laid plans: journeying around Western Canada on July 13, 2011
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    This travel book will spur you on to make that trip to Western Canada and along the way, you will enjoy the journey with a self confessed lover of words - ranging from the colloquial to the erudite. The author also allows readers a generous peek into his lifestyle and wide-ranging interests. There is some very helpful information about planning trips – the why, where, and how to, ideas which drive the structure of our travels. Without indulging in schadenfreude it’s always a relief to know that other people don’t always achieve the perfect itinerary either. The trick is not to focus on the mishaps (although they do make good stories afterwards) and enjoy the wonderful privilege of new experiences. The Icefields Parkway will definitely go on my bucket list and surprisingly, so will the Shorepine Bog Trail. I never thought I would want to go anywhere near a bog but after reading Chris’s description I have a new perspective. The very title “The Best Laid Plans” indicates that this will be a “warts and all” account of what turned out to be a wonderful journey to see animals, unknown in Australia, in their natural habitat of stunning scenic splendour. The pleasure and excitement of Chris and Kate’s encounters with brown bears, otters and many other wild creatures is a joy to read. The author’s observations on human encounters also make interesting reading. So I’m going to start planning for my trip to Vancouver, the Rockies and Vancouver Island. Why did I leave it until I’m so old I need to go with a tour group? Better late than never!