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Smashwords book reviews by Phaenyx

  • Drawn to Disaster on Oct. 24, 2012

    Being a reader of primarily fantasy, action and sci-fi as opposed to romance, along with fan-fiction and comedy, I never would of guessed that a link found on the ever-popular BIONICLE fanforum would lead to my interest in Lily Gee's penmanship. I found myself immersing deeper and deeper into the world painted by words, the occasional readjustment of my headphones to atone the music being the only thing keeping me from depth-diving and never surfacing from such a fantastic world. As LewaLew stated, as an avid fan of Lily Gee's previous works, I picked up on all the phrases, sentences and even the characters. Though I must admit that the Water Elder could drop the past back where it belongs. I plan on recommending this book to as many people as I can and, though I have the ebook, I certainly plan on buying a paperback copy. Lily Gee, if you read this, here's to you getting an author's award relatively soon! *Raises a glass*