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Hello. I’m Phil Elmore, a writer, journalist, editor, content creator, voice actor, and videographer based in New York. For eight years I wrote a political column and acted as a freelance reporter for WND News. I’m the owner of Samurai Press and the Senior Editor at League Entertainment. I’ve been a full-time technical and freelance writer for 25 years.

My work has been featured online and in print in various magazines, trade publications, books, and instructional media, including WND News, the Midnight Sun News, Tactical Knives Magazine, Personal and Home Defense Magazine, Special Weapons Magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, Survivor’s Edge Magazine, and many others. I have written and ghost-written numerous commercially published action novels and novellas under my name and under pseudonyms. I also wrote 22 novels in the Mack Bolan/Stony Man series for Harlequin Enterprises under their Gold Eagle/Worldwide Library imprint from 2006 to 2016.

Among the services I provide are…

Technical writing
Copy writing and copy editing
Original blog and site content
Social media content
SEO/keyword articles
News articles
Press releases
Editorial commentary
Fiction and nonfiction
Resume design and updates
Voice overs and voice acting
Video editing and videography
Video testimonials

I am an internet gunslinger. There is no online service I cannot provide and almost no job I will not undertake. I can write anything you require, from a resume to a biography to an advertisement to a novel, from an editorial to an operations manual to a screenplay. Do you need social media wrangling? I’m your guy. Do you want press, exposure, buzz, and targeted engagement? I can do that.

If you wish to collaborate on a project, I can help you. If you need a ghostwriter because you have an idea but can’t put it into words, I can help you. If you’ve written something but need it edited and proofed, I can do that. Want a YouTube video edited and uploaded? Consider me your videographer. If you need an audio book recorded, my home studio is yours. My rates are reasonable and I am willing to work around your schedule, provided you can work around mine.

I write fiction and nonfiction on topics ranging from humor and philosophy to current events, technical reference, adventure, drama, and the martial arts. I am no stranger to journalism, either; I’ve written countless news articles and SEO-optimized blog posts as a freelancer for multiple organizations.

I’m very effective at what I do. Any Google search on my name will reveal a great deal of controversy surrounding my work. I’ve made many enemies in the realm of the martial arts, where I’ve published books as well as online magazines. I’ve also been regularly featured on the blogs of a number of high-profile left-wing “watch groups,” including the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC has officially and very falsely declared me a purveyor of “hate” — a distinction many conservative political talkers have found to be the best kind of endorsement.

Political considerations, however, never influence my contract work. I don’t care what the p0litical nature of your project might be; I don’t care what your political opinions are; I only care that you need something written. I will give you the most professional output possible. You will receive my best work without fail. I both live and love what I do — and I’d like to write for you.

My video acting, testimonials, voice-overs, and narration work are conducted in my home studio at very competitive prices. I have a pleasant speaking voice, a professional on-mike and on-camera demeanor, and the ability to articulate your message in any medium. Check out my rates and voice-overs pages for more information on narration, video testimonials, and voice acting.

My role is that of communicator. There is no project I will not consider and no communication task with which I cannot help you. Please contact me to inquire about rates, writing assignments, joint projects, and any other writing, voice acting, and video services in which you are interested.

I’m a real person, not just an algorithm running on some remote server in a basement. Yes, I am politically a conservative/libertarian, philosophically an objectivist, spiritually a Christian, and emotionally a curmudgeon. What I’m not is some sort of crackpot. I’m a happy, direct, and reasonable fellow. I’m glad to talk to you and I treat everyone with the respect they offer.

When a man puts his opinions in the public sphere, it’s only natural that some people will disagree and even be offended. I guarantee you, however, that if something I’ve written has made you angry, I’m probably not the person you think me to be. If instead what I’ve written has made you think, held your interest, entertained you, or made you laugh out loud, so much the better.

You may call me at any time, day or night, at US +1.315.391.1626. I look forward to hearing from you.

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