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Smashwords book reviews by Sarah Jones

  • Cornerstone on Nov. 15, 2011

    A brilliant book by a really, genuinely lovely author. Misty's book follows the story of Nalena, a girl who lives with a crazy, writing obsessed mother and has to deal with how that impacts on her life. Her mother is obsessed with writing, she lives for it and has filled their house floor to ceiling with paper covered in her scrawl. This earns Nalena the unfortunate nickname of The Waste because of this and stumbles through life from one day to the next until she meets Garret. It's a beautifully told story and the characters are very engaging. It's a very human story, about how each person deals with the situations Misty throws them into and it's great to see them grow and adapt. Misty writes in a compelling way and draws you in right from the start. I found that I'd read up to chapter 15 and was surprised that two hours had gone past. I hadn't even noticed I was that hooked. The concept for the book is brilliant, there's a really nice supernatural aspect to it all that I haven't seen before and she introduces each new concept in such a way that it feels natural and never overwhelming. The best part I think is how the relationship between Nalena and Garret develops. That is handled beautifully and really draws along the story. I loved every page and cannot wait for the next book! Definitely recommended to anyone who loves well written romantic fantasy books.