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  • USS Krakowski on Aug. 06, 2018

    The background politics make this feel like a story written today, not 2 years ago. Set in a future where the US must go-it-alone against the big baddie, I can see this happening now if we continue to isolate our allies. Seems like this should have been a cautionary tale in 2016!
  • Are There Heroes In Hell? on Aug. 06, 2018

    This book was written a month before the 2016 election, set during a future, fictional war with Canada. I'm not sure about the Canadians as the villains, but it's presented in a way that they're a sympathetic villain. The American POWs are as much a victim of an idiot president who commits a war crime in order to salvage a disastrous presidency, as they are of the Canadians angry over that war crime. Given our deteriorating relations with Canada and the President we have, I can really see something like this unfolding in the next couple years instead of 150 years from now when the story takes place.