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I'm shockingly uninteresting. Thus, the habit I have of living vicariously through a good book. Why else would I be here?

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Smashwords book reviews by Pia Bartolini

  • Master of Crows on Aug. 28, 2011

    I just finished reading "Master of Crows" and cannot recommend it highly enough. This is an excellent story, written skillfully and full of passion, magic, and characters so complex that they feel real. Draven's writing is technically clean and a very smooth read, her prose is colorful and evocative without being overly wordy. Of all the romances I have read this year, "Master of Crows" ranks at the very top. It was a page turner that I couldn't put down and a tale that won't leave my mind. It also happens to be a STEAL at this price. I cannot wait to see what else Grace Draven writes. If it is half as good as "Master of Crows" it is well worth the time to read. Bravo!