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Jacklynn Ray is a new author in the world of m/m romance and publishing. Tricks By Night is her second novella. Generally her works are short and sexy sweet. They are written in serial style format so that she can revisit her favorite lovers over and over again to see what they have been up to. A hobby writer up until now she is a self published author who is learning as she goes and is fully expecting to make some mistakes, but hoping along the way she will be able to share the stories of her favorite topic, love with all of you and give some life to the lovers and stories rumbling around inside her head. She is a natural creative holding an AA degree in Theatre/music and currently going for her BFA. She has so many interests that they can't really all be listed here but a few are animals, reading, writing, music, technology. A feverish fan of romance books since she was a little to young to read them she's been packing years of love away to share with you! When asked what influences her to write she says, "Everything. I'm like a sponge, I soak up everything around me and add it to my data bank for future review and possible story material. I ooh and aww over anything that gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling and if my characters hearts are breaking so is mine. Writing is an interactive experience for me." She's currently throwing her net out into the writing world at the tender age of 41 and is hoping that you enjoy the experience with her.

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