Christina RT


Christina Roshan Travis was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and lived in multiple countries during her childhood and teenage years. Christina graduated from the University of Surrey Roehampton. She has been a freelance journalist, radio presenter, translator, entrepreneur and advisor. Christina currently works on her skin line business and writing.
Christina wrote this book when she first became aware she was pregnant. It was her way to feel emotionally and spiritually connected with her baby. “There is nothing more beautiful and special, than having a soul grow inside of you. It is the most unexplained feeling of true spiritual love and joy”, Christina explains.
When she’s not sitting endless hours at the computer writing, she is obsessing over her pug dog and best friend, Goosh. Christina enjoys, swimming, yoga, nature photography, painting, playing the piano and taking long nature walks with her husband Nicholas and their dog.
Christina and her husband currently reside in the States and are excited to meet their first unborn.


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