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  • The Flight from Kar (The Emperor's Library: Book One) on Feb. 28, 2012
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    The Flight from Kar begins the journey into a fantasy world, safely beyond our machine age technical society.... a land of humans like us, but with extreme or primitive ways... a bronze age group of "wild men", some hunter gatherer agri forest people... some towns with business and market institutions.. opposing armies... despotic governments ... a theocracy ... The first protagonist we meet, Jon, brought up by a town of women, hardly knowing his own mother, found encountering a man named John from a neighboring, but little known family of forest dwellers, and given a pretty green pendant. The story unfolds like the geography, and road trips commence, with more and more curious folk, following in a land of a great river... mountains, forests, moors, plains, beaches, an ocean with islands... but we do not even know if it is the planet Earth, two moons hang in the sky!!!! There is not much evidence of a past civilization such as ours.. but there is a thirst among the restless children for knowledge of the past... of their own past.. and certain magic.. mental as much as physical... prevails... Kirchhoff spins out a fascinating tale, richly detailed, of men and women against oppressive forces, political and social, and against there own doubts, ignorance, desires! The angst of modern life with all its religion and politics are reflected. Like many good mythes the parallels with modern life are there if you want them, if not, take it as another grand epic... resonance of stories like "Lord of the Rings" and even Harry Potter with just a hint of Twilight mixed in. Canterbury tales sort of folk, even!!!! Kirchhoff has scored a winner!!!
  • The Tritargon (The Emperor's Library: Book Two) on March 05, 2012
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    More adventures into life in this rough post-tech civilization.... The rigid, draconian puritans,The Chosen, have taken over most of the Empire, but the archives, library, and the newly crowned emperor are relatively safe... in the southern most valleys where the story began, rescued by foresters and ex-pats, from the Valley of the Women... with the help of the mysterious nature creatures, the Rand... This Book Two, called The Tritargon, a magic device used by those strange creatures, the Rand, who call themselves the People, giving a means, to communicate wordlessly and understand the life they lead on their enchanted islands.... The shape and style of the device is tailor made for the individual by a sensitive craftsman... It gives them incredible power. The adventures continue the story as the young protagonists are compelled into adulthood. Kirchhoff digs deeply into minds of the characters as they wrestle with there psyches, and the difficulties that confront them at every turn... This whole fascinating saga could become the next Lord of the Rings. Makes one want to use the characters in further adventures, like the fan fiction that has sprung up with many popular books. The characters are so fully fleshed out, have that living quality that good writers like Kirchhoff can bring off. Looking forward to the book 3, and the promise of number 4.