Catharine Murphy

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Catharine Murphy, CPO

President and CEO of Passion for Order
Process Improvement Engineer, Productivity Specialist, and Certified Professional Organizer

As a former process improvement engineer in the technology world, Catharine has extensive experience in defining and improving processes. She believes that time management, task management, and good systems are the keys to having a productive business and an organized life. Catharine applies her passion for systems to organizing residential clients, as well, and sets up closet, pantry, garage, and other residential systems. Catharine has always had a passion for planning and organizing, and delights in creating order from chaos.

Catharine's goal is to reduce your stress by restoring order to your living and working spaces. She is patient, non-judgmental, and values your privacy. She understands the difficulties in "letting go" and makes organizing a freeing experience. In addition, Catharine teaches you how to set up routines to stay organized so you will have better control of your home, your office, and your life. As your personal coach, she is your biggest supporter for an organized life. Catharine customizes each project to address your specific needs based on your habits and personality.

Catharine is a native Texan, ceramic artist, and has a third degree black belt in Goju karate. When Catharine isn’t organizing, you will find her on her cutting horse practicing for the next competition. Catharine has a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Data Processing. Catharine is a certified professional organizer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and NAPO-Austin, and the secretary for NAPO-Austin.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
Susan Hale and I are Certified Professional Organizers and many of our clients need help with business processes. We have given several office organization and productivity workshops, and felt like we wanted to help a larger audience so we decided to publish our favorite tips and methods.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have a lot of great organization and productivity information to share and this was the fastest way to reach my audience. I like to write and it's fun and rewarding to help others improve their lives and their businesses.
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An organized office is a factor in your business success. The truth is that everyone can create an organized, productive, and energizing workspace by applying the tools and techniques described in this book. We will teach you how to manage space, clutter, interruptions, and time regardless of your physical office situation.