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Mark currently teaches an online course in CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING for Santa Barbara City College. His eTextbook written for this course is REASON ARGUE REFUTE: How to Think About Anything. and is available from his website: smashwords and Apple iBooks

On his weekly radio show Philosophy Pofessor Mark McIntire, talks with local Nobel Laureates, Educators Writers, Poets, Artists, Doctors, Actors, Producers, Directors, Scientists and other thinkers that shape our world from art to technology. Professor, Mentor and Radio Host: how does this Salem, Massachusetts native son balance all this?

"My life is simply the integration of everything I have ever thought and done." McIntire recently told the Los Angeles Daily News. "Studying for the Catholic Priesthood for seven years trained my mind to think beyond the temporary, the apparent and the insubstantial. Teaching philosophy to this day developes and increases my ability to communicate abstract truths in a totally approachable manner. Professional acting taught me that vision is useless if it fails to capture the imagination of a large audience. Computer consulting taught me that digital technology is the new literacy. My purpose is to make that literacy inspiring and useful to those who understand its' power.

Philosophy informs me that there are only four questions that need to be answered during the conduct of any human life; What is Real? What is True? What is Good? and What is Beautiful? So, that's my next book.

Other than engaging in shameless self-promotion, I’d rather be playing golf. Golf was invented to demonstrate how difficult it is to answer any of these four questions let alone all of them. I've been very lucky. I met all the right people that mentored me."

Specialties:Author of: REASON, ARGUE REFUTE; How To Think About Anything


In pre-publication: WISDOMS' COMPASS: Reality, Truth, Goodness and Beauty

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