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  • Book One of the Zoctornyia Series: Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate on Nov. 09, 2011

    Beth Wright has really succeeded to hook me up with the first part of her novel: Vultar's Heart body and Soul Mate! The author is really a good creator: her world is filled up with mysterious creature half-human, half-reptilian. This half thing didn't bother me and I'm not an Alien lover so that does really impress me. Even if some part of her story is pretty strange and unbelievable, I was eager to know what would happen to the main characters and the evolution of the story. So that's a big plus for me! First of all: Setianna or Elisabeth (human name) is kidnapped by some men (who are they anyway???) in her own house. She wakes up in a dungeon with a bunch of creature half human/reptilian but she's not scared and she trusted them already (weirdo but ok the guy seems to be super hot so I wouldn't be scare either!). She ended up on a planet or a world that she doesn't even know a fuck about and she's not worried or scared to death. And she doesn't even think that she is dreaming (That's my favourite part of Setianna's personality, because there's one thing that bores me and it's when female characters in PNR or UF books start to think they are into a dream and everything around them aren't real... come on ...) But that doesn't happens in this story and makes me love it even more! Second: Setianna had a family on Earth? She almost doesn't noticed or cared if she never see them anymore but everything is going so fast in this story that I can understand she doesn't have the time to think about it! Setianna is a strange female character, she doesn't ask a lot of question but she's able to trust everyone from this creepy world. She's beautiful and she seems to be an intelligent woman and a strong person but she doesn't seem to be able to analyze her surrounding. I like her but I would love to learn or know more about her and her past. Maybe in the next book? Vultar's a great characters, he only got eyes for Setianna. He wants to protect her and make her happy. He seems to be an amazing warrior, great leader and handsome man/reptilian. Everything a woman would like about a man except for the serpent part of is body but who cares?! I really enjoy the new world, creature, habits and rules on this planet. Like I said I'm not an Alien story lover but this one really surprises me and I wasn't disappointed! I love to find new style and this story really gives me something different. The plot and the actions aren't something I never read but the whole setup is very interesting. I would like to have more specific or detail sex scenes (ok I'm not a nympho but I want some crunchiest part of these scenes!) I want to feel that I could be with them in the room. The one thing that really bother me and that's why I couldn't give a 5/5 rating is the space and time line. I read other book reviews and I found that this also bother other readers. Everything happens so fast and on a timeline that can't exist, we readers are sometime lost in that timeline and even Setianna doesn't seem to notice or doesn't care at all! I really like the style and fluidity of the author. I love her creativity and imagination and she's got a lot of them! And I think that if you try this book you will be surprise too!
  • Broods of Fenrir on Jan. 16, 2012

    I don't know how to bring or even start my review about this story, I've been drew by the cover (again) and look at these eyes, they are kind of scary, no? Anyway, while I was reading this book, I really past over all kind of feelings... At first I was thrilled to read it, (the blurb seems to be good) but when I first start to read the prologue I was thinking to myself what kind of book is this??? The story is really interesting even if it's no something we never read about: Brand's (the main character) supposed to be king of his Broods but he never accepted the kind of life and rules his Broods was living on,(like, forever). So he decided to leave and live by his own. As you can guess, Brand will have no choice to come back and fight to claim what should be his. Typical, but not the least! This book is one of the most violent story I read so far! My Gosh even in the prologue, the reader will rapidly understand what kind of society Brand was living in and why he left. The battle between the males are atroce. I sometime had to put the book down to be able to continue my reading. The one thing I hate in this story was the fact the story is writen in our time, but still, the female are treated savagely. In Broods of Fenrir, female are treat like things that can only procreate, blood/sexual slaves and at best, part of treat between Broods and be exchange (hoping to be in a better Broods). They are weak and lower beings!!! Brand didn't accept that kind of life and want to make it better (in a way). I really liked to read about Brand, as the main character. There is no enough male main characters in PNR books and Brand was a great, handsome, and caring character. He's one of the few people who want to do the right thing and make the change for the best. But also, he won't back down and he will fight until the end to protect the one he cares about. Just like a big brother who came to the rescue. Dagny and Alice are two different female characters, but they are both charming in they way. Brand will encounter and save Alice's life. Since she's a weak shifter, Brand will take care of her and bring her into good Broods. She's lovely and always think about others. I thought they will be great together as a couple. Dagny's the savage beauty that can kick-ass, even if she's a female. She's fiercer and stronger then many males of the Broods. She's an intelligent women and could probably get everything she wanted if she wasn't just a low female in the males brains! She's also a surprising character but I won't tell you more! Even if the story is deja vu, the plot and action are great, the great pace keep the reader hooked. Well writen with much details I appreciated the style of the author: Coral Moore. I really like to read this one, although the plot is not only on the political and violent society of the Broods, the characters will have to take down new enemies. I didn't know the author before I apply to get my hand on this book. The author did a great job with this story, I always wanted to know more and what would happens to Brand. Coral Moore had also written Feral Attraction (Eric story). I recommend this book to every Shapeshifters and Paranormal Romance readers!
  • Vultar's Tellianar Part 1 on Jan. 24, 2012

    I read the first shot of this series: Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate, and I totally fell in love with it! Then the author: Beth Wright, add more details about the main characters and developed the plot and the actions. The pace is more real and we learn much more about the whole situation! Almost everything I said was missing or should be improved, have been corrected! If you want to read the entire first review you can go here:
  • The Fallen One (Sons of the Dark Mother, Book One) on March 08, 2012

    Honestly, I didn't believe that I would love this book that much. A few months ago I won Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk (Dark Cloth #1) and Doorway to the Triquetra (Children of Atlantis, Book One ) both written by Lenore Wolfe, but with my monster TBR pile and mega ''request review'' list, I wasn't able to read them... So when I start The Fallen one, I have no idea of the kind/style of writing, which paranormal creatures could be into this story, does Ms. Wolfe prefer male or female main character, what kind of action/plot I could read about, NOTHING! I wasn't disappointed by this story, Oh no! If you're the kind of readers who love to be stuck it up into action non-stop, a mix of supernatural creatures with awesome powers, a background as good and well developed as Lord of the Ring (well, without the complexity of it!), you just find you're ''next to-be read'' book! When I read the first few pages, we meet Justice, the male character and were not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy. He's the typical, super handsome, muscular, too-good in combat/training and he just find he's totally awesome, beautiful, kick-ass mate Jes. Who doesn't want to do anything with him. Even if they are attracted to each other they soon realise they are fated mate. This part is of the story is not unusual to PNR. But the author is putting the emphasis on the ''war'' and the bad guy they will have to fight. When they meet each other: SPARKLES! Everything seems to start from this encounter and everything else is well integrated to give the reader what he want and need: a nice/good/interesting plot, a lot of action, well driven characters, important and stunning secrets are revealed... Wow, each chapter give you more information on this outstanding world created by this talented author: Lenore Wolfe. Such a great imagination/creativity, Ms. Wolfe knows how to please the readers with enough romance/action/suspense scenes! I don't know if it's just me and the fact that I'm so in love with vampires but all I can say is: I hope there will be a book about Dracon and Dana!!!! This story is bigger than it appears! Jes and Justice have they little personal story and everything about the war, the legends and myths, discovery of family ties and secrets, the arrival of other factions of supernatural creature as vampires, shifters, witches, fae,... are embroidered around the main characters and everything seem to fit perfectly! The only thing that bothers me a little was the fact that Jes and Justice didn't seems to have enough time together. Maybe I'm a freak of love/sex scenes, but it's cool to read about them. They spiced up everything :) But when we read this story, we all understand that the time/place wasn't the best at all! Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books
  • Roses & Thorns on March 22, 2012

    I had the honor and the pleasure to be a part of the blog tour of the first book in this trilogy: Scent of a White Rose by Tish Thawer, a few months ago. I totally fell in love with the characters, the action, the writing style, the plot (was so awesome, like some special new twist at every turn, couldn't ask for more), the vampires (of course) and more specifically: Christian, who's a handsome gentlemen, sexy, yeah super-hot vampire. Gimme, Gimme! I really liked reading about a new kind of vampire’s legends and where they come from. You know, when you read something about vampires, you want to land in a new world and find out new vampire specie! But the author can't remake everything. I love the fact that these vampires can't go into sunlight. Typical, but in the same time, totally vampiric! I enjoy discovered new myths about them. Tish Thawer gives the reader a brand new turn around about the old school type of vampires and I think it's what I love the most about this series (oh and Christian too...) :P Anyway, Roses and Thorns really push the readers into the deep of the very first meeting/encounter between Me and Christian, Oh sorry I mean Rose and Christian... until the begin of Scent of a White Rose (first book in the Rose Trilogy). (Christian) Since I read the first book, I already knew the characters and the author didn't put all her energy to reintroduced Rose and Christian or even the surrounding (thank you), so if you want to start this trilogy, you MUST begin with the first book. Since you may also discover/read about some spoilers from the first book in Roses and Thorns, you really should read them in order. Anyway, where's the fun reading a trilogy in disorder???? Tish Thawer provides a new world around the vampire story and knows how to keep the readers hanging on. I could feel all the anguish from Christian and the fear that Rose may not call him back: OMG I had butterflies in my belly when Christian answered the phone call for the first time! Well for the rest of this review, I would have to give out some spoilers and I hate to do so! Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books
  • Hotter on the Edge on March 30, 2012

    A romantic story that combines action, conspiracy, the discovery of personal needs and of course, a super sexy space mercenary! The story began with Corso, the captain of the Asphodel, being waking up by a call from a stunning stranger, Benedetta, who ask him his help to save her planet. What a great way to start a day! Benedetta is what we can call a sex slave, but from her point of view, she's one of the last treasures of her planet. Giving herself to Corso in payment for his hard work, the captain is intriguing but no willing to keep a sex slave. Benedetta finds her way to get the captain, his ship and his crew to help her out, but at what cost? The story was really interesting and different from what I read (well so far from ''other space paranormal romance''). The way the author, Jessa Slade, introduced her characters, her story with humour and sexy exchanges between Benedetta and Corso, so I give my candy love for they relation! I really enjoy reading and discovering this new world: Benedetta's lives on a planet were people are ''matched'' with a patron by the crystal they wore. Once they are together, the ''sex slave'' will developed feelings and will do whatever the patron needed be satisfies. I appreciate the characters and the fast-paced storyline. I never wanted to put it aside. I dive into this new world and I was able to see it in my mind! I love all the descriptions and details around the rituals on Benedetta's planet. I recommend you this novella, for its price, you really should buy it; it worth the payment and this is only for the third story from this book! This one should be on your TBR pile! Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books