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Pastor William Hardrick

Our ministry name is Kingdom of Heaven Embassy, we are a legal tax exempt Organization in the United States. My name is pastor William Hardrick. My wife Debbie and I started this missions organization in obedience to our calling into the ministry of missions. The Lord Jesus Christ appointed us to be sent to the nations of the world, to preach the gospel of the kingdom of Heaven.

Previous to this we have been ordained into the pastoral ministry, and were appointed to serve with covenant marriages ministry under the direct leadership of Dr. Robert Christensen. He was ordained by Dr. Jack Hayford. We served in this pastoral capacity for seven years, we saw hundreds of marriages healed and restored. We served in seminars doing marriage restoration and trained partnership strategies to local Pastors and businessman.

We are here to fulfill the great purpose for which we have been called. As part of our calling the Holy Spirit placed us among Indonesian church community in the United States.
We served in the capacity of pastors and spiritual leaders in the community. We did this faithfully for six years, we are in our seventh year of serving among Asian Christian community not only in the USA, but also in India and Indonesia.

We began our missions outreach ministry India 2008, by the grace of God have partnered with local pastors and leaders in India, Mexico, Haiti, and Indonesia. We have successfully been a part of two church building projects in India, one church is in a village and the other church in a large city.
Our mission organization has five major focus points:

The first one is to go into all the world and preach the gospel kingdom of heaven.
The second one is to make disciples just like the ones in the Bible.
The third one is to Train the local Christian church to reach the harvest of lost souls by the Power of the Holy Spirit using ALL forms of Media TV, Internet, Radio.
To unify business, ministry and government under our Lord Jesus Christ.
Teach strategy for endtime prosperity and Kingdom success.

Some people refer to this work as missionary evangelism. We Consider ourselves to be Ambassadors of our spiritual country and citizens of a spiritual kingdom. Jesus Christ is the Lord and King of our spiritual country. Because of him we are committed to serve him for the rest of our life.

We have come to this land to declare His Peace, His Forgiveness and His Righteousness. We're not here to convert people to a religion, we are not here to oppose what others believe, we're not here to partner with the denominations, and religious organizations who hold certain doctrines and beliefs. We're here on divine assignment to declare the agenda of salvation, forgiveness of sin, which includes healing of all manner of sickness and disease. Included in our message is a promise of new life, a new spirit, a sin free lifestyle, and a hope of an eternal future with Almighty God.

We love working and serving among the poor people who live in villages, and lower income areas of the city. We love working and serving the church and local church pastors and leaders who have a heart to reach the unsaved. We love to worship our God, we love to pray, we believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Pastor William Bio-CV:
Pastor William was born again February 2, 1989, on the same day he was baptized in the Holy GHOST WITH EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN THE TONGUES OF GOD! From that day he has served the Lord with a burning fire of God's Love. He has been married to the same wife for 24 years and together they serve the Lord as Pastors in a local christian church in Aurora, Co. They are working with international immigrants from Asia, Indonesia, and serve as Associate Pastors in Bethany International Community COG for five years.

Mission Statement:

Pastor William has a passion for Missions, his mission is to "reach the poor hurting and broken people in the villages throughout the world."


Pastor William, is author of three books, and has produced hundreds television and radio programs. He is the Founder and President of Kingdom Of Heaven Embassy Inc. non-profit organization. Which has developed an International Outreach to help Hurting children called Helping hands Baby-Toes and an International Prayer Ministry called Jesus Prayer Network. Currently he is working with various teams in India and Indonesia, Haiti, and Mexico.
His lifetime goal is to establish Discipleship Training Centers that will serve the Body Of Christ and send out people prepared to minister in the Power of the Holy Spirit, to the 6500 unreached people groups of te world!

He also has a passion to help educate the youth of the next generation in rapid prototyping technologies and help raise up the next medical 3d modeling experts. We look forward to seeing these things and more come to pass.

Spiritual Gifts:

Pastor William has received a Divine calling from the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven and demonstrate the Power of the Word of God through the various gifts of the Holy Spirit that are common in His life. He is very strong in the Prophetic gift and is a visionary who can see future events from up to 12 months into the future. He has a very strong gift of Discerning of Spirits, Word of Wisdom, and Sings Revelation song's from the Holy Spirit. He has a very tender heart toward seeing the sick healed, and the broken hearted restored to Joy.

Secular Service:

Pastor William has served in the medical profession for 12 years in the area of Oral Maxillo-Facial Reconstruction. He is trained medical illustrator, 3d animator, and Medical Anatomical Modeling technician. He has helped model 3d Anatomical Models And design TMJ-Joint medical device reconstruction devices for sever joint deformity, and has served as a medical IT administrator for 6 years. None of this would have been possible without the kind mentorship of the Lord Jesus. I am eternally thankful for the dozens of people through whom this mentoring has come, during my time with TMJ Implants, TMJ Medical and Nexus CMF, and those associated with Nexus Othorthopedic.
The friendships will be forever in my heart.All of this he has resigned from to serve in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Personal Interest:

Pastor William is also an accomplished trained Chef, during his years as a chef he created dozens of his own personal recipes in the area of French cuisine. In his spare time He loves to cook and create various culinary dishes, his favorite dish of course is his own recipe for Gumbo! One of his favorite leisure activities is bass fishing, and working on website development.

Life Time Goal:
One of my Life time goals is to fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus Christ as given in of Matthew 10:7-97:
When you go, preach [announce; proclaim] this:‘The kingdom of heaven is ·near [at hand].’ 8, Heal the sick, raise the dead to life again, ·heal [L cleanse] ·those who have skin diseases [T the lepers; see8:2], and ·force demons out of people [L cast out demons]. ·I give you these powers freely, so help other people freely [L Freely you have received, freely give]. 9Don’t ·carry [or acquire] any money ·with you [L in your belts]—gold or silver or copper.

Daily Thoughts:
The time in which we live seems to be very urgent, there are many thing's to do before the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, so we encourage you "Be About our Heavenly Fathers Business, until He comes," Amen

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Mission Evangelist & Pastor William Hardrick is President and Founder of International Missions organization Kingdom Of heaven Embassy. He and his wife Debbie have been graced by the Lord to travel internationally and inspire the body of Christ throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Over 25 years of faithful service to the Lord, He is called the 21st Century Apostle of Faith.

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