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  • Needles on Dec. 31, 2011

    This is a fantasy scenario - the brainwashing is about as realistic (and unrealistic) as any 1960's 'Manchurian Candidate' scenario. It's written well, a battle of wills between our meticulous anti-heroine Vipada and our evil CEO Ray Parker, and they are both given character and background, no one carries what TVtropes lovingly calls 'The Idiot Ball', and the brainwashing is hard-edged, but wonderfully erotic. If I have a complaint about it, it's that it's too short - it feels like it could support a full length novel over a longer timeframe. Pug
  • Fate, as Water on Jan. 20, 2012

    It seems fair to warn - If this were written more seriously and less over the top comically, it could easily go from Femdom parody as written by Benny Hill to something that was sick. But ... it's not written more seriously. The entire story is one long refuge in audacity with raunchy humor that would make Kevin Smith blush from start to finish, and it's perfectly clear that it is and that it intends nothing more. The victim is an Arabian Knights version of Frank Burns from MASH, which is good because only a character that comically 2-dimensional could make this work. And somehow it does. I'm not entirely sure how.
  • Gods at Eighteen 2: The Drake Cheerleaders Incident on Feb. 05, 2012

    I have (slightly) mixed feelings about this story. I prefer my fantasy femdom stories a bit more science-fiction-y; It offers a degree of immersion to me for mind control to be 'pheromones' rather than 'sex magic'. The greater the limitations, the easier to believe 'this might really happen', the more I like it. This is far more fantastical than that, 'Cast a Deadly Spell', done with Sex Magick rather than Lovecraftian horror. 'Magic' with rules, but basically magic, and an intrepid reporters investigation into a near tragedy of cheerleaders tapping further into this magic than done previously. And it works - Extremely sexy Femdom Tease, combined with interesting characters, plot, and writing, and weighing in at ~40,000 words, quite a lot of it. If this is your kink, I'd highly recommend it.
  • Battlefield S/X on April 22, 2012

    I just finished this story. I picked it up on the basis of liking August's writing despite the fact that the 30% preview was not to my taste, and I'm glad I did. For good or ill, everything in the preview available is essentially setup for the remainder of the story, of a war against the "New Women" being lost by guile while western civilization is concentrating on fighting in the trenches. Unfortunately, that means the preview is virtually useless for judging the remainder of the story. As femdom erotica it's not as strong as, say "Needles", which didn't need the setup, and I found the "New Women" a bit sociopathic/ruthless for my taste, though that perspective is skewed by the 'propaganda' of the western side of the war. Still, while I have fantasies of an amazon super-serum altering the balance between men and women, in my fantasies women that liked and respected me before still would like and respect me afterwards, and one doesn't get the impression that's the case among "New Women". Flipside? There is quite clearly another perspective, and a backstory here, and frankly I'd love to hear the full story, how things got to this point, et al. All in all - if you like either mindcontrol femdom or amazon femdom, the last 2/3rds are definitely worth the price of admission, and I really hope to see more in this series to flesh out this timeline. Pug
  • The Tail on July 12, 2012

    This is a good science fictional Femdom romp. Not entirely to my taste - I'm a bit biased towards more traditional humanoid and this is getting unto 'Furries' territory, but well written, fun and sexy. All in all it works.
  • The Riding School on Aug. 09, 2012

    I typically prefer longer stories -- a 300 page novel with a femdom conspiracy is just my style, and I hope to browbeat August into one at some point. That said, this is not so much short, as highly distilled. It could be no shorter than this, because it almost literally could be no shorter than this and still keep the essence of it. The Domme is dominant, yet not domineering, the submissive humble but not humiliated, the sex (while kinky), only follows from the personalities of the characters. It captures an element of the fantastical femdom in a way that could only be diluted by more words. Pug
  • Secrets of Magic on April 06, 2013
    (no rating)
    I liked 'Fate, as Water' as a romping erotic farce, and was presuming this would be the same thing. It's not - this is definitely still humorous, and definitely still an homage to the 'Arabian Knights' style, but the characters are (mostly) too fleshed out to be farce really. That said, romping erotic comedy is *also* a fun read. Pug
  • The Boss Should Leave The Party Early on June 23, 2013
    (no rating)
    I enjoyed this story. It's very easy to fill in details into whatever variation of events suits you; Ruthless hypnotic domme, or gentle takeover by caring mistress, very much dependent on your point of view. It could easily come off as weak storytelling but to my mind simply works well for the story as written. It was short for my taste - arguably you couldn't fill it in any further without losing the intangible POV aspect it gives - I confess I might be willing to risk that tradeoff if August ever decided to expand on it. Regardless, a fun and sexy read. Pug
  • The Boss Should Leave The Party Early on June 23, 2013

    (Intended to give four stars - Pug)
  • Dominion Vegas on July 18, 2013
    (no rating)
    Being an afficiando of 'Amazon Women', I like the concept - a drug introduced in a new Gym enhances women to a being stronger on average then men, and this has repercussions. That said, it's tagged femdom romance, and it's certainly closer to 'romance' than erotica, for good or ill. I found it enjoyable - while the relationships evolve fast with liberal use of flashback and foreshadowing to make it seem longer than it is, it succeeds in giving some depth to the characters over a short span. That said, it was a bit too introspective about the 'new world order' to pull off the erotica aspects that seemed like they ought to be there. It's certainly worth a read, and I look forward to further writing in the setting by the author, I hope the introspection and femdom cultural analysis can be balanced out by a bit more sexiness, seduction, and perhaps the rise of the amazons at some point. Pug
  • Planet of the Giant Women on March 03, 2015

    Mild Spoilers: Fun Comic Book Science Fiction - If you ever rooted for the Space Alien Princess to do wonderful, er I mean awful *awful* things to Buck Rogers while planning her conquest of Earth, has August got a book for you! It is a bit more complicated than that - in the spirit of 'Avatar', our protagonists are (mostly) bad guys, but even they (mostly) don't quite deserve what they get, but that's life in the starlanes if you're going to go around claimjumping other peoples planets. Especially if the remnants of the old colonists have a symbiotic relationship with a sexier cousin to "John Carpenters 'The Thing'". So - reasonably consistent Sci-Fi, long enough to have a fun plot, good characterisation, vore, occasional mild body horror, Amazons, fetishes, mind control, and the implication that they might not stay contained very long. Plus maybe one case of true love. Well worth the price.