Pygmalion Esq.


Pygmalion, Esq., being an American gentleman scientist and adventurer, is, of course, not a member of the English landed gentry, but he does qualify for that title by virtue of landholdings in at least one, more interesting, country – title bequeathed unto him for services rendered.

Esq ePub Label Guide:
[Spanker/Spankee, tags]
M - Equal Male Character ("Dominant")
F - Equal Female Character
f - Subordinate Female Character ("Submissive")
m - Subordinate Male Character
tags - (heard), sex, mild bondage

All characters are 18 or older. Most characters are at least 21.

Pygmalion, Esq. is firmly opposed to the corporal punishment of children, and forbids any non-consensual force and unsafe play. Be told.

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