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My name is Frank and I’m an entrepreneur, author, and fitness coach. I am passionate about the topic of health and fitness, and spend a lot of time researching new ways to improve the way I eat and workout. My mission is to share everything I know about sliming down and losing weight or toning up and building muscle with anyone ready to learn a new and unique approach to feeling and looking better. I am aware that many men and women in the world are dissatisfied with their looks, and unfortunately suffer from their insecurities and lack of confidence. I have compiled significant information for guaranteed weight loss and muscle building and would like to share it in the form of my videoed workouts, illustrated ebooks, weight loss recipes, and other slim down tone up tutorials. In the past few years, I have coached both men and women using the same methods that worked for me, and so far, results have been outstanding. I'm hoping my books will allow me to coach anyone who may want to get in shape and embark on their own journey toward living life hella fit. is a health and fitness lifestyle website. Designed to provides information to anyone on a journey to slim down and lose weight or tone up and build muscle. Too busy to visit my site? DIY using the information below.

Different workouts burn different amounts of calories. So you may need to work out longer with a low-calorie-burn workout than a high-calorie-burn workout.

Here is a useful estimation of the calories burned by a 154-pound (69.8 kg) man during various physical activities:

Light gardening/ yard work: 165 calories/ 30 minutes or 330 calories/ 1 hour
Heavy yard work (chopping wood): 220 calories/ 30 minutes or 440 calories/ 1 hour
Dancing: 165 calories/ 30 minutes or 330 calories/ 1 hour
Bicycling (10 mph): 295 calories/ 30 minutes or 590 calories/ 1 hour
Walking (3.5 mph): 140 calories/ 30 minutes or 280 calories/ 1 hour
Walking (4.5 mph): 230 calories/ 30 minutes or 460 calories/ 1 hour
Hiking: 185 calories/ 30 minutes or 370 calories/ 1 hour
Running/ jogging (5 mph): 295 calories/ 30 minutes or 590 calories/ 1 hour
Weight training (light workout): 110 calories/ 30 minutes or 220 calories/ 1 hour
Weight lifting (vigorous): 220 calories/ 30 minutes or 440 calories/ 1 hour
Swimming (slow freestyle): 255 calories/ 30 minutes or 510 calories/ 1 hour
Aerobics: 240 calories/ 30 minutes or 480 calories/ 1 hour
Basketball (vigorous): 220 calories/ 30 minutes or 440 calories/ 1 hour

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Frank Hella Fit's Beginners Guide To Keto
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 13,430. Language: English. Published: October 29, 2022 . Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Dieting
Frank Hella Fit's Beginners Guide To Keto is an excellent starter toward helping you reduce the damage of a high-carb diet which can cause serious health conditions including stroke, kidney failure and heart disease.

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