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Smashwords book reviews by Qhaddafy

  • The Diablo Ouija on Jan. 26, 2012

    It would be great, if the twins actually doing some real investigation in the future
  • The Damage on Jan. 26, 2012

    It started good. Unfortunately, half the way, it lost focus, often skimming from one event to another. Some of the events were a bit funny too, like the counter-blackmail thing, the cop stakeout, sniper in stadium, to name a few. And there's the serious editing problem too.
  • The Sunni Path on Feb. 17, 2012

    MBF clearly reviewing without reading. In Islam, kid could drag their parents to hell, but not the other way round, that's simple example about equality in Islam. Bet you judge us using your own religion's flaws, eh. Anyway, the book is not very objectives, I mean, there are thing that could be translated differently.
  • Fugue on Feb. 17, 2012

    Creepy.... I mean, an interesting psychological fiction, with conspirational touch. The cover did not stand out much; and the three persona had relatively similar personalities, just a different abilities and occupations. Other weakness had been pointed out by Peters.
  • Nobody Knows (The Thing That Really Matters About) Anything! on March 06, 2012

    "Science has given humanity everything - except the things that really matters", chapter 24. This book however, has given humanity almost nothing - but it matters.
  • Parallel Loop on March 06, 2012

    Like many other short-stories collections ; some are total craps, while others (Mephistopoles', Cinderella's, the farmer's, and few other stories) are good. Be warned though, all of the stories are ... different.
  • Fryupdale on March 06, 2012

    Yup, it's different than anything that I have read before, but honestly, I'm not impressed. Probably I'm getting old, or just couldn 't accept radical changes, because everyone else seems to like this book.
  • 100 Items to Disappear First After A Disaster on March 06, 2012

    I think the title should be "... War" instead of "... Disaster". Anyway, some of those items don't exist, at any given time, on different parts of the world. Either because of the brand limit, cultural differences, weather differences, technological disadvantages, or for many other reasons. However, the '10 Survival Strategies' at the end of the book might work universally, and definitely worth knowing.
  • Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter on March 25, 2012

    It has potential, despite that vampires and their hunters are 'everywhere'. Could use a sequel or two, preferably much longer ones, with a lot more fighting, a little more background stories stories, MUCH stronger adversaries, more dramas, and all. You see, the vampires, which were supposed to be immortal, were slaughtered like pigs .
  • Hero Wanted on April 01, 2012

    It is a parody. Humorous, up to certain levels. But that's all. The plot is generic: a hero, grown as nobody, had hidden legacies, out to save the world. And don't forget the Gods vs Devils and/or good vs evil, with humanity stuck in the middle of it! Everything else were just parodies, either from our world (coffee shop and myriad of others), or from others famous fictions (like the magic carpet). Anyone with a good literary skill and wide imaginations could do it. Actually, I'm just not in a mood for this. Another times, I'll probably love it. If you're not in an anti-parodies mood, you'll probably loves it too. And if someone told you the book is hilarious, or something similar, believe her/him. And lastly, I have not seen similar thing, satirical-fantasy fiction, in the book form. Hence, the perfect rating.
  • The Bible Naked: Genesis on June 13, 2012

    A 'hate-book', or whatever the legal term is. In short, it focus on finding the weakness of what it hates (in this case, Bible), instead of trying to find the 'truth'. It is in no way humorous, unless you already shared their belief. Let's take the 'Pharaoh's Stupid Dream' for example, how in the world could cow eats a cow? However, it was a DREAM, or perhaps its a Creationists' curse to have illogical dreams? (won't happen to Extensionalists?) Although,being a creationists but not a Christian, it's not my business to defend Bible, and I can't defend it well anyway. It is still a well edited book anyway, although neither funny nor convincing.
  • The Bobbies of Bailiwick on June 13, 2012

    There are stories about military groups, taking children from their parents, brainwashing them (well, 'saving' the world is a typical brainwashing craps), trained then armed them, then throw them to the front-lines of wars, that probably has nothing to do with them anyway. And it could happen in our neighborhood, not just in faraway country. But let us forget about our pathetic little world for now, and join the adventures of these children, in their attempts to save their universe, from real evil forces. And it is quite an adventures! Even if it somehow childish, it still enjoyable for an Adult.
  • The Universal Mind Hypothesis on June 13, 2012

    'This is not your typical zombie book', wrote the author in the Preface. So I'm probably on the wrong book. It talked about soul, from philosopher's perspective, with a bit of a science. Oh, and Star Trek and The Matrix. I'm not an expert in any of those fields, philosophy, science, or movies, just a regular Joe on the wrong book. However, I like it! It seriously confusing at times, what with the science and philosophy things, oh... and movies, but it was written with humour. Again, being not an Expert, I might be laughing at the wrong time. Probably won't be changing anyone side's anytime soon, but it's definitely much more interesting to read, compared to the emotionless scientific journal (ha! like I would ever read one), or the offensive, war-like essays. And don't let its pathetic cover discourage you!
  • The Apocalypse Blog Book 0: Before the End on June 13, 2012

    Blog-novel, eh? I have seen it before, but definitely not common enough. Although quite short, Faith was sufficiently introduced. She was not the faceless and or backgroundless girl anymore, that happened to be the protagonist. She was the girl who..., well, you probably should read it yourself, besides, book 0 is free. Unfortunately, the in-book reviews of the series sort of discouraged me. Post-apocalyptic world with survivors and zombies isn't exactly my favourite. I've survived 'The Stand', by you-know-who, but not planning to take that road anytime soon. However, it's probably good if you like either zombies and/or apocalyptic survivors themes.
  • Last Word on July 26, 2013

    Don't bother. The basic idea is cool: combining NSA, doomsday, politics and religions. But the execution is horrible. Also, this book is TOO RELIGIUS for my liking (The 'message'. It doesn't differ much with preachers' typical words. You know, these're wrong, those are right, etc-etc).
  • The Raft on July 26, 2013

    A barefoot detective? Sherlock-like story, in a near-future semi-utopian universe. Wow, that's new, at least to me. Lastly, I correctly guess the culprit(s), but the motives are way beyond me; five stars! PS: 'Bailwick' is cool too!
  • Super Foods on July 27, 2013

    "Most of the super foods escape the western culture". Wow. That's a bold statement. I'm not a westerner, unfortunately, many 'super foods' are missing from my diet as well. I prefer my 'Diet Guide' to focus on the cold, hard facts; not boombastic, not biassed, not focused on selected fews. Also some of the foods aren't easily accessible, and if this book includes the 'inferior' as well, it'll be easier to find alternatives. Not recommended.
  • The Cape Cod Murders on July 30, 2013

    Sorry but READALOT IS RIGHT This book was poorly written It confuses the hell out of me just like this review Not only the language structures the story itself is confusing There are better books, here on Smashy, don't bother with this one.
  • 366 Squared Volume 1: January on Aug. 28, 2013

    It's a collection of flash-fictions, essays, histories, or just MCJ's rantings. 31 short 'stories', each represents different days of January, @ 366 words each. Well, MCJ admit himself it may not exactly 366; better this way IMHO, rather than sacrificing grammatical errors or stories' integrity for the magic number. The stories itself are well written, proof-readed, easy to understand, etc-etc. From Gregorian callendar's, to an alien's view toward our history, to battery-powered wristwatch, then back to aliens, and so-on. Unfortunately, that's all. Utopian-distopian, new vs obsolete faiths, or aliens. And always on the same side....
  • Alice...forever bad on Aug. 28, 2013

    Great cover, nice prologue. I hate Alice (smart? Nah, she's just lucky). The main plot is relatively easy to guess, despite all those twists, somewhat remind me of soap operas. Love its point-of-view: viewed from multiple perspective, but each contributes different details to one single event (i.e, in the ambulance chase). But hate its inconclusive ending. It has minor problems though. A few typos, a few inconsistencies (i.e, Mike's action in hospital), names problems (i.e: Alice in Buff Billiard slapping who?). And there should be a clear sign whenever the point-of-view changed.
  • All the Girl's Hearts on Aug. 28, 2013

    Not really my favourite genre, but I like reading something different every now and then. My first complaint is its long sentences (not really confusing, just too long). Second, typos (never rely entirely on word-processor's spell-checker). Third, none of the main characters are likeable. Fourth, the 'revenge' part... you should consider reducing explicit violence in your future books, you're no good at it. It has a few hyperboles, personifications and their kind, random flashbacks, unnecessary-but-nice details, no inconsistency, interesting plot (before the 'revenge')... a good book, if you don't mind the downsides.
  • Doomsday on Aug. 28, 2013

    The book is good, if you want a 'real' doomsday scenarios, not a near-d ones, like 'Armageddon', 'The Day after Tomorrow' or '2012'. Love the cover, and the disclaimer. Though not impossible, I highly doubt we'll make it to space in this century, or the next one. Politics, economies, cultures and terrorrisms aside, we really don't have technology to start colonizing space. What? We reached the moon half a century ago, but we haven't been to Mars (much less terraforming/colonizing it), right? So lets hope, none of your scenarios happens anytime soon. Also, '... life on earth will one day end'. Why stop there? Is there really any scientifical proof that our entire universe (not just a few unfortunate galaxies) can not end as well?
  • Flowers for Mercedes on Aug. 28, 2013

    The book cover is average, or less. It does talk much about the book content though: a self-absorbing, wanna-be P.I. It's 'The MD Mysteries', right? Love its title though.. Good characters building, nice background story, interesting side-plots (Mr. White's is my favorite), and of course intriguing mysteries. A great mystery book, until MD showed up. Narcistic, brave but clumsy, not good at investigation (like there's such thing in this book), she's more of a burden than a real hero. And the intriguing cases turned out to be petty crimes, then DF lost his investigating skill too, then silly romance.... Probably better if the book focus on adventures and romance instead, with sleuth as background.
  • Texting Death on Aug. 28, 2013

    Great, but not perfect. Interesting idea (Death texting? WOW! Next, she'll have a Smashy account. Wait, that's a great idea, you're welcome to use it). Great plot, though I don't like its open-endedness. Believable, to certain extent. Proof-readed, still has minor typos though. No excesive violence, sexual scene, even swear-words are minimum! Will be better if you care to expand it a bit, though. The plot is too complicated for a short-story. By expanding it, you'll have enough time for background and side stories, characters building, emotional changes (at first, some believed the messages were prank, right?), more details in important scenes, and others. But don't make it too long either, twice or thrice its current length is sufficient.
  • Control:Escape on Aug. 29, 2013

    Early chapters are slightly confusing, I should have read 'Iceline' first. No introduction, didn't know who Steel was, what he did, or what this entire novel is about. Was in the dark, till chapter 4, sigh... Minor proofread needed. Too technical at times (I have absolutely no idea what Catalina or Super-Walrus are). Too many names to remember, and not only humans have it! But that's it. Solid and believable plot; lots of technical details (make me wander about the authors' other careers); not threading on a popular genre, likeable protagonists... Not perfect, but five stars nevertheless.
  • Story Starters: 101 Novel Ideas for Starting your Story on Sep. 04, 2013

    'First Lines', 'Open Ended...', or 'Story Bullet' contain nothing but a very basic starter. Any decent fiction-writers will come up with such ideas, sooner or later. The 'Plot Lines' and 'Probing Q' chapters however, are different. Those two has many decent ideas for starting your story, and even some are quite original. Like 'Mandy's neigbours' ; definitely a great plot for mystery, horror, conspiracy, or even a romance novels. This book is useful for authors faced with 'writer's block', but not worth it otherwise. Though of course there's cheaper alternative....
  • A Vampire's Book of Knowledge on Oct. 04, 2013

    Boring. Your average vampire fiction, with a tiny variation in its writing style. I've 'seen' many vampires, and I'm usually sided with the hunters. So, of course I can't say I like this book. Creatures which often need to slaughter human to survive can't be good, at least from the human perspective. And I'm a human. Written in somewhat Encyclopedia-like book (not really), which is unique. However, I don't find anything different, much less new, in the contents. Sunlight resistance, super-human abilities, immunity to holy objects, justification in crimes... That's the typical vampires after 'Twilight'. Don't expect a 'millenial creatures', which actually think and act like they have spent millions of years on Earth, here. The small plots are so-and-so and Hectar is just your average vampire (not the oldest, wisest and perhaps among the coolest of vampires).
  • The Blight of House Alar on Oct. 04, 2013

    Twice I've read this, and like it on both occasions. It definitely enough to raise my curiosity about Eric Diehl's Zemplar fictional universe, or whatever he calls it. This short story has a great plot, unexpected twist, likeable protagonists (and of course hate-able antagonist), minimum (if not zero) typo, etc etc. But what I like best is it's unique naming; Zemplars, sa'n (which probably means son/daughter of), d'arkblade and few others.
  • A Man and His Lawn on March 05, 2014

    Bill Baxter is a simple minded man, sometimes too naive, but usually just plain stupid. He is surrounded by dishonest, weird, lunatic, and even naive people (like himself). They are exist in real world of course, Bill just unlucky to have them all, at once. This book contains 27 short stories, focused on Bill's misfortunes (and a free preview of 'Unwise Guys'). Some of the story are outright ridiculous (but fun as a fiction), like The Texan (which has been strategically placed in #1) and House Divided. Some are touching (i.e, Dr.Pepper and Valium, Exit Strategy, etc). While others, a few others, are... boring. Like Ty Cobb, kids believing whatever they saw on tv (or internet) are everyday occurance; it maybe better as a prologue of a longer story, but definitely not great at this state. Anything else are okay, though. Well-written, proofreaded, a simple-but-interesting cover, good plot, great conclusion, and all. Not quite perfect, but a great book nevertheless. 4.85 stars.
  • The Blessed Evil on March 27, 2014

    Great idea, poor execution. Just read one chapter, any chapter at all, and you'll realize how... uninteresting, the writing style is. It has a good-looking, but slightly somewhat irrelevant cover. And, can you spare us the 'backroom-events' or the poetries, and focused on more important things, like characters introduction. It has unpredictable ending and unique plot (never read anything similar, yet), but I'm NOT reading this book again!
  • The Young Woman in a House of Old on June 19, 2014

    Never read anything like this. Weird, unique, somehat inspiring, unpredictable, definitely worth reading. Unfortunately, I really can't say anything else about this book, especially its genre and what it's all about, without turning this review into a spoiler.
  • How NOT to Write a Novel: First-book errors to avoid on Aug. 02, 2014

    I'm definitely not a writer, but still a fun book to read. One less star though, since it doesn't cover the now-popular ebook sufficiently.
  • Better on Aug. 02, 2014

    Honestly, I don't understand about half of these stories, much less finding something funny in them. Like 'the Brace', or 'Time of my life' which is definitely not funny. But the other half are hilarious.