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Here’s to surrendering and letting go. Here’s to simply trusting the experience. Here’s to an evolution of consciousness exercise.

Humans generally cannot accept what we have no experience of. Gary Zukav, in The Dancing Wu Li Masters, said knowledge is past tense; through imagination, physics comes alive. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Scientists are limited by their formal education. The rest of us are only limited by our imagination.

Mena's books are her way of allowing the intellect and imagination to have a bit of fun. The views she holds as of publishing date will evolve as her consciousness expands. Mena's books are an exploration of ideas. Her ideas/beliefs/interpretation of the Universe and life on Earth could well be dismissed and laughed off the planet. She's not sure whether she would prefer her books to be ignored or whether she would like for critics to have a field day. She only knows she does not care to get into arguments and disagreements.

Everyone is on their path and learning at their own pace. Everyone is doing the best they can to survive, thrive, and to make sense of their world. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs as long as they are being wrong not doing wrong. Behind every argument is someone's ignorance. Maybe Mena is ignorant. Maybe you’re being ignorant. Maybe we each have a piece of the puzzle? We will all get there in due time. We all want the same things — to be healthy, happy and at peace with ourselves.

Mena was born and raised in Malaysia. Due to a deeply troubled childhood, she was someone who was lost for a long time. At some point during the proverbial “mid-life crisis,” Mena started to organize her writing, done sporadically over the years. In doing so she found clarity, her journals became book ideas, and a pattern unfolded.

The people in our lives are catalysts for our thoughts, emotions, and lessons in life. Our experiences are catalysts for whom we become. Mena shares a lifetime of research and experience and says she owns her understanding of energy.

Mena currently lives in Malaysia with her dogs, the loves of her life. What do her dogs think of her writing? They are not impressed. They don’t know what the fuss is about and would rather “mama” spend more time with them!

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