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Quinn Cullen is a multi genre author. Her writing includes paranormal romance/erotica, horror and poetry. Her novel, a work in progress and yet to be titled, is a paranormal thriller/romance/erotica tale of love at first sight and a battle between good and evil which takes place in the present, on earth and in the heavens. Her love for her characters, the immortals (including fallen angles and Satan) and mortals alike encourages her to forge ahead with this adventure.
Quinn began writing as a young girl, while life as a mother and wife required her to put her writing career on hold she has now many years later returned to her love of the written word.
A long time New England resident, Quinn feels fortunate to be living in an area that affords her the privilege of all four seasons, enjoying the fringe benefits of the different climates that each one has to offer. In awe of its overwhelming brute force and mystique, Quinn's favorite place on this wonderful earth is by the ocean.

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  • Heartbeat on March 04, 2012

    Today I read Lori R. Lopez' Heartbeat. Not having read anything she'd written before I started reading with the notion I would get through a little bit of her story tonight and get back to it another time but found that I was unable to stop until I reached the end. Lori's story is exceptional! Her writing is superior, better than most of today's well known author's and of equal caliber as writer's like Stephen King and John Grisham. With a writing style that is unique and masterful, her descriptive writing is flawless. Lori captivated me with her opening paragraph. No, her first sentence actually hooked me. I had to read on to find out what was going to happen to Jessie, the other members of the Corps Of Mutant's and Jessie's mother, Lynette. Take a bow Lori R. Lopez, you are an incredible author! Sincerely, Quinn Cullen